Your (favorite) Fridge Logic

Fridge Logic is a somewhat meta foreshadowing. Something that isn’t ever explained directly in a work but you put two and two together and suddenly you realize something deep about what the writers/creators were/are planning. It doesn’t always matter to the plot (therefore, isn’t foreshadowing) but it enriches the work.

The name comes from the fact you don’t realize it until you get up and open the fridge.

What are your favorite examples of Fridge Logic (sometimes called Fridge Brilliance)? What are your own points that you hope people will stumble upon when they get to the fridge?


I’ll l list an unpopular one and a great one.

  • While Dumbledore is never expicitly stated to be gay in the books, his clothing hints at it. Harry just thinks all wizards are like that but Dumbledore is always described as a bit more fabulous than the rest. Particularly his suit when meeting Tom Riddle for the first time.
  • Dresden Files has a scene where Harry is being attacked by a former demon possessed asshole and is completely helpless. He remembers what his friend the paladin always says about asking for help you might just get it and tries praying. It doesn’t seem to work but suddenly his super cowardly ally shows up and saves his life. Fast forward to the most recent book, that character just became a paladin, specifically, the paladin of faith. Dresden had faith and he was saved from a former demon by the future paladin of faith. Oh, and that former demon? Lost his Fallen companion because he had faith in someone faithless.

Most recently for me when I realized that all of the Game of Thrones characters on the show are drawn from historical figures.

Interestingly enough, Sansa Stark was being drawn from Elizabeth I and Daenerys Targaryen was being modeled after Adolph Hitler. I became aware of the Hitler analogy only in the last episode. Watch how she delivers her speech and look at a reel of Hitler. The resemblance is chilling.

Funny enough, I started to ponder what would happen if there was no throne. Would there be a United Nations situation? And low and behold… And though I was in the right century and had made that connection, I was equally surprised about Daenerys being influenced by Hitler. I feel a little bad for her fans and devotees, but I think that also demonstrates the power Hitler had over people.