Your Beginning and Your Ending

Post your opening plot point and your closing plot point. If you really want to have fun, just take them straight from your outline.

Thread idea courtesy of @Twinkle_Toes_the_Berserker


Opening plot point: Dante and Jack are trying to find some missing drugs
Closing plot point: They must defend the church from hordes of Reavers while the wizards seal the portal.


For the Reaper Saga:
A girl finds out she has super powers

A girl finds out she and her best friends have super powers


Beginning: MC decides to overthrow the government
Ending: MC is fully brainwashed into supporting the government
Bonus! Epilogue: MC questions brainwashing and gets drunk


Beginning: MC is a homeless teenager (supposed orphan) who can barely pay for a burger at McDonald’s. He buys a burger at McDonald’s.
Ending: He’s standing in front of his father, the king he has sworn loyalty to, watching as [REDACTED] is killed for a crime.


Opening - Chiera is confronted by a group of angry men who accuse her of cheating in the cage fight she just won
Closing - Chi exposes the traitor and chooses to join the Guardians


Super powers have got to be more fun with friends! :grin: - sounds fun

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Opening - Teenage dragonkeeper is concerned about stranger on island.
Closing - The island floods. Teenage dragonkeeper and stranger are only survivors.


Opening: MC decides to ditch being a librarian for becoming a necromancer in order to help a friend
Ending: the group has to stop a dragon from eating possibly every denizen of their version of the afterlife


Opening:Ellie and Liam have just gotten married and are secretly freaking out.

Closing:They’ve defeated a group of evil rulers and have control over their secret mental powers.


Opening: Rin is possessed by a demon after drawing the Koma sword
Closing: Father Fujimoto sacrifices himself and Rin is freed


My points sound significantly less cooler than everyone else’s. XD


Beginning: It’s Halloween and some punk kids steal Aya’s candy bowl.
Ending: Aya’s handsome companion betrays him, but Aya wins out and finally breaks the Emperor’s brainwash curse.

Mine also sound… pretty lame. :upside_down_face: Uhh, it’s a sandwich, okay, the good stuff’s in the middle! :sandwich:


Hey, @yuuen and @Jendora, don’t say that! Your books are your precious works of art - don’t compare them to others’ books. Really, you wouldn’t be writing it if it wasn’t cool. For that matter, you wouldn’t have even thought it up if it wasn’t cool! Seriously, take pride in your work, my friends. Write your stories, because no one else will, because no one else knows them. We believe in you! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Mine…is the third in a series of four… So, here goes! deep breath

Beginning: The MC reacts to what happened at the end of the previous book - when he was told he was going to have a baby sister.

End: The MC finds out his friend’s dad, who has been a single parent for years, is thinking of remarrying. (the next book is then from that friend’s POV)


Tbh, going from petty theft on Halloween to breaking brainwash curses sounds pretty sweet if you ask me! :smiley:


@Jendora and @yuuen both of your stories sound super cool!! Don’t sell yourself short. Truly.


Opening: A college English professor notices that unusual shadow beings have been running amok in the city recently; he realizes that his treasured grimoire may have something to do with it.

Closing: The shadow hive is destroyed, the Shadow Queen returns to her realm, and peace is forever restored to the city.

  1. I like this
  2. When you say “forever”, you mean until the sequel, right? Or do they decide to move cities to get away from the memories only to find another outbreak of supernatural there?
  1. Thank you! :smiley:
  2. I’m still in the planning stages of the story, so I’m still working out a few things. I am considering a sequel where the main characters do end up in the Shadow Realm for some reason or another. Though the Shadow Queen trying to dominate another city could be another possibility for a sequel…

Beginning: She frees his seemingly lifeless body from the lab, and he makes her dream come true and protects her from an unwelcoming society.

Ending: She decides to take care of his little siblings in memory of him, and they help each other see that maybe, despite his absence, he’s never really left them.