You Know You Write Fantasy When ...,

Time to restart this favorite thread again.

YKYWFW the only person in your cast who wouldn’t get sunburned after a day at the beach is the vampire.

YKYWFW the werewolf is the practical, levelheaded one.

YKYWFW the most genuinely devout Christian in your cast is both a vampire and one of the villains.

YKYWFW your romantic couple has their Big Misunderstanding™ resolved in the aftermath of an attack by a feral vampire.

YKYWFW your character in med school is majoring in Supernatural Medicine.

And the man who is in charge of the labs is a vampire – who first got into the place as one of the cadavers and terrified everyone by sitting up in mid-dissection (grave robber era).


YKYWFW the assassin’s guild is also known as “that band of lunatics who are strangely proficient in forbidden magic rituals”

And the king of the kingdom isn’t bothered in the slightest when a mage conjures the spirit of a long dead dragon in the middle of his banquet hall.


A long-dead dragon?

That’s intriguing.

Lol yeah, dead dragon in the nearby volcano that’s also known as the protector of the kingdom. Ended up being conjured to inform the king he was being an idiot :joy:


You know you write fantasy when…

  • You see a curled up, dried leaf and immediately think a fairy must be inside
  • An animal stares and pounces on nothing: Yep, that’s a ghost!
  • Every cool wing pattern reminds you of your fictional creatures
  • You, an adult, still play pretend either with your friends, or when nobody’s watching
  • Especially if you’re pretending to be mermaids when you swim
  • You mentally narrate stories to yourself on long drives
  • Weird tree shapes = druids or monsters, one of the two
  • You check the bottom of your tea cup, just in case
  • You occasionally do stupid things just to see how a character might feel
  • You’re seriously considering joining a martial arts class/horseback riding class/etc just so you can write about it
  • You can name more fantasy authors than presidents (or kings, or whatever ruling body your country has)
  • Gibberish words = definitely getting saved for fantasy names later
  • You like to notice the hairy guys/girls in a crowd (psst what if they were a werewolf?)
  • You like to notice any unique looking people in a crowd, in case they’re a mythological creature
  • Your Google history contains veerrryyy strange topics, as you’ve researched world-building ideas
  • Your friends always ask YOU the weird questions “Hey, what’s that thing called with goat legs and a human head?”
  • You’re spending your free time thinking about writing fantasy even when you’re not actually writing

YKYWFW you describe one of your characters as “actually just human”.


We usually call that “D&D” in my household. :smiley:


YKYWFW inheritance laws have to account for the fact that the undead are still using their property.

YKYWFW your MC has to fight for his right to testify at the trial for his own murder and the outcome of that fight could change the legal status of vampires forever.

YKYWFW using werewolves in combat is considered the equivalent of poison gas but most your your vampires are military veterans – because just one vampire B-17 pilot isn’t enough.


Sounds like something straight out of a DnD campaign :rofl:


I love this.

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No, it was my Terranova setting that was originally inspired by a D&D campaign. :grin:

I don’t have a masquerade, though all vampires except Rick at the end of the story, are closeted and in hiding for fear of the mob.

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That just sounds awesome!

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This! OMG the number of times my few human characters have had to explain: “Nope, I’m just human. No magic here.”

YKYWFW you’re trying to decide if you can really say your shapeshifters turned human, since the shifters came first and the humans were made to look like them.

It’s hard to find or make reference pictures for half the cast since it’s really hard to draw fire and crystal.


Well the visiting royals and the other 15 witnesses to the incident found it startling to say the least, even if the king wasn’t fazed by it :joy:


That must be a truly wonderful scene.

It’s almost as amusing as the guild pet cat suddenly being granted the ability to talk and then causing havoc.

Or the multiple references to a mage performing a necromancy ritual once and then being referred to as “The Necromancy Mage” despite his repeated requests/demands to cease because “it was one time and the king basically ordered me to so I didn’t even choose to do it!

My fantasy series is basically a melting pot of chaos and lunacy :rofl:


When the solution to your writer’s block is any of these things:

  • Tavern fight/sparring
  • Bandits
  • Having a character wander into an armory and pick out a weapon (Bonus points if it’s something unusual that your readers will have to look up)

YKYWFW you power your space ship’s FTL drive with a sliver of unicorn horn (donated by the engineering unicorn) and your navigator is a necromancer.


Yes! Absolutely yes!