Writing Challenges: Formerly Word Wars, Prompts, & Sprints

Want to share your competitive side? Stimulate your word count to unimaginable heights? Go mano-a-nano with other Wrimos to boost your word count & productivity. Step inside and get those creative juices flowing.

Don’t post unmangled email addresses unless you REALLY like getting spammed. We get hit hard by spammers, and your email address WILL be harvested. I’m not going to edit them out, but think twice before posting. You can always exchange email via private message.

Some rules for posting in the Word Wars forum:

  1. Please, no duplicate posts. We don’t need four 15 minute word war threads. This includes threads with similar themes (Such as “Write during this video on Youtube.”)

  2. No NaNoWriRolls. Posts that are just “don’t click here” or have misleading titles that attempt to “trick” or trap users, or that spam other threads in an attempt to make people write words, are obnoxious and will be removed. :slight_smile:

  3. When posting excerpts of your writing, keep it to 300 words or less, pleas e. This is a very busy forum, and we don’t have time to read long excerpts! Longer excerpts should be posted in your profile.

  4. You cannot restrict others from posting similar ideas. That means there can be several Harry Potter crawls. We may close or merge duplicates if they’re obviously the same (we don’t need ten 10 minute word war threads, for example) but we will not reserve any idea for any one person. First come, first served, then you get to do your own. Crawls are all wildly different, there’s no need to be precious about who came up with the idea to do a particular theme first!

  5. Have fun!

Now, you may be wondering just what all these things MEAN?

Well, we’re here to help. Here’s the most common sorts of things you’ll see here in this forum.

Word Wars: tag: #word-wars These are usually timed, and are competitive. The goal is to write for a specific amount of time, and see who writes the most! The most popular ones tend to be the 10 minute word wars and the 15 Minute Word Wars - although variations of all types can be found in here!

Word Sprints: tag: #word-sprints Not competitive. These are to see how much you can write in a specified amount of time, or see how long it takes you to write a specific amount of words. @NaNoWordSprints uses the latter.

Crawls: tag: #crawls These are usually long, game-like challenges that follow a specific theme, and vary wildly based on the person creating the challenge. These are less competitive, more about challenging yourself.

Writing Prompts: tag: #writing-prompts These are idea-sparking ideas to get the juices flowing. Stuck? Take some writing prompts to get to the next chapter! The most popular thread for this is Give a Prompt, Take a Prompt