Wreath and bar under profile picture on the left?

So yeah…
<----- this thing. I have not seen this under anyone else yet so I’m wondering what both, the wrath directly under my picture and the purple bar, mean?

I guess the purple bar will be the predecessor to the status bar for the word count in Nano?

Edit: In case it’s just me seeing it:

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I’m seeing it too. Your wreath is smaller than others I’ve seen though.

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I think it’s related to years done (or won?) NaNo. Mine is… pretty excessive :stuck_out_tongue:

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daaamn. you got a pretty… big one there ;D

I mean, I’ve done the main event for 10 years, won 9 of those, and completed a lot of Camps in between. But I don’t have one?

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I didn’t either until I logged in/out just now. Try that!

(also, I did more investigation, and it looks like it’s for wins. Central flower/leaves for your first time, then an additional pair of purple leaves for each subsequent win–cumulatively, not in a row)

EDIT: it shows up on the preview main site as well.


Well it might still be buggy. Stats are definitely buggy on the preview so that’s probably where it get its data from.

Oh! I see it there. Lemme try logging out and in like you suggested.

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Yeah I think that’s it. Atleast on preview it says I have won Nano 4 times which fits the wreath.

Oh, that’s nifty. I guess newbies will know whose advice to weigh more seriously. :grinning:

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Oh definitely. :smiley: And look, you got that bar as well, so that will definitely be the word count bar.

I think it’s showing up now!

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It is!

Interesting that mine seems to have a wreath but not a purple bar. I wonder why. (Or can other people see a purple bar on mine?)

I don’t see one. That’s interesting. Did you do NaNo last year?

I can’t see a bar under yours.

Yup. That novel was like pulling teeth and I stopped just after 50k.

Novel stats might not be completely fixed yet.

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Mm, good point.

Novel stats are still in flux. This is just something new they added literally like, an hour ago. lol. Surprise to me too.