Wiki: Life Note

In the film Death Note, a demon’s notebook allows the owner to write another person’s name and method of death at the end of the list, and that person will shortly die in the way described.

This is the other way around.

Write the name of someone you wish was still alive and a reason why–keep it short and to the point. It can be a family member, a friend, a pet, a celebrity, anyone (even a fictional character if it had that big of an impact on you).

To add to the list, click the little Edit button below this post and add your entry. Put your name in parentheses beside it.

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My grandma – so I could tell her how much she meant to me instead of me always being a smartass. (Sex, Drugs, and NaNoWriMo)

My childhood dog, Rags – I did something stupid and he died because of it. (Sex, Drugs, and NaNoWriMo)

My sweet dog, Salvador - I miss his little face so much and just wish he was still here. (Ginfur)

My cat Brightspot - she was the first cat who chose me as her human, and was a support throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. (Though I swear my current cat is her next life…) (TrudyG)

My aunt’s dog and my best friend of the last decade, Lady - she just passed away a couple of months ago (airandarkness)

My cat Skitty–we had to put her down almost two years ago due to several health complications. At the time, we had just gotten a new kitten (he “chose” to live with us) and we all thought her moodiness was due to that. We didn’t learn until it was too late about the health issues that had crept up. I wish I had a second chance. I would have tried harder to convince my family to get her veterinary help. (Jendora)

Just wanted to say this thread is very timely for me! My BFF Lady (my aunt’s dog) passed recently and this has been the summer from hell for it. I really don’t know how to cope with life without her :cry:

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I’m sorry. I’m in a constant mild state of dread, myself. But things will get better.

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