Where are you writing?

How’s the weather where you’re at? Are you in a house, café, or outdoors on a beach, or up on a mountain?

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Hot and humid. Welcome to the southeastern US. At least we believe in central air conditioning down here…

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Currently at home. Got some writing done earlier in the car and in a deli. It’s a bit hot outside, at least in the sun, but indoors is nice.

Ah, sounds like the weather here. I’ve got a nice breeze coming from the bay though.

Wish I was indoors to be honest. The swan scared away my ducks…

Also hot in here. Aand stormy (in the ‘thunders for four hours and rain for fifteen mintes at best’ kind of sense). It’s getting better but about two days ago it was absolutely killer. No AC in here (ack), but our family is lucky to have a flat on the side of a building that doesn’t get that much sunlight, so we had to practice the ‘cover all the windows to not turn the flat into an oven’ for only about two hours a day when the worst heat hit.

So I’m staying indoors, keeping my cats company and slowly but surely decreasing our home-made ice tea reserves :smiley:

Iced tea sounds nummy. We had some weird weather a few hours ago it would rain and stop raining and rain again sometimes the sun shining bright it didn’t make much sense, but it was kind of fun… Oh wait, never mind it isn’t done it’s raining right now. XD

Yeah, silly weather can be really fun sometimes. Though one does not consider it funny when they get caught it in without an umbrella. :smiley:

Unless you’re me. In which case I enjoy getting soaked and immediately think about singing Singing In The Rain.


It went from melting hot to just a bit too chilly here. My body was not amused. Our weather really needs a hug with how erratic it has been here.

It’s too hot and humid here in Atlantic Canada to write anywhere without air conditioning. Typing is enough physical activity to wipe me out, so I’m working out of cafes.


Same here. And though I’m in a nice air-conditioned house right now, I’m a little grumpy because they just cut back on our a/c at work! Been dealing with HR about it since yesterday. Otherwise, just trying to enjoy the weekend right now and not step foot out of my nice, cool house…

Hear, hear! I’m allergic to heat anyway, which makes it worse… So haven’t been sitting outside and writing. Apartment or cafés all the way! :wink:

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I have a nice writing spot on my bed. It’s comfortable and cool (just got a new A/C system in the house). That’s where I’m going to do my writing for the rest of the summer. Thinking about checking out the local Panera (or, one of them, anyway) during November, though.

It’s not just you! I’m allergic to like, everything. lol Heat and cold both being big triggers. Ugh.

It’s hot and humid here, as well. I’ve been writing at Starbucks next door lately since the temps are comfortable in there.

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It’s hot. I mostly do my writing in my house, since my laptop is big and bulky. I would love to do some writing in a local coffee shop, or maybe even the library, but that will have to wait until I get my new laptop in a few months.

I have A/C at home, but the main room still gets really warm, and writing on my bed is less than ideal.

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I’m from India and currently, we’re in the rainy season, so the temperature’s been fluctuating as of late. Sometimes it gets unbearably warm during the days. On other days, it’s raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately, I think I may be the only writer in the world who doesn’t like the rain. I just get really gloomy and it makes me sad. XD

My primary writing spot is in my room, on my desk. Yes, it’s messy and cluttered. I’ve got a fan to keep me cool. My other writing spot would be on the couch, or my bed.


The weather has been fluctuating a lot where I am at the moment.

My primary writing spot is in my recliner that triples as my bed and desk chair as well. :slight_smile:

Other writing spots include hospital waiting rooms, doctor’s office waiting rooms, exam rooms… actually if it’s a room and I have my laptop or iPad with me it’s probably going to be used as a writing spot. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel really excited whenever it rains and I feel like I want to run outside and dance in the street. Rain just makes me all happy. Especially when I get stuck in it and get really soaked. It’s like you’re wet but it’s a really refreshing kind of wet… If that makes any sense. It’s water falling from the sky and it rejuvenates a lot of what it lands on. It rejuvenates the ground so plant life can spring forth and it also rejuvenates me.


If it’s a room and I have the book offlined on Google Docs on my phone… I very well could be writing.