What's your favourite coffee mug?

What’s your favourite coffee mug?

What makes it special? Does it:

  • Have a comfortable handle?
  • Feel good on the lips?
  • Hold just enough coffee?
  • Keep your coffee hot?
  • Have a good story?
  • Just looks nice?

My Mug

My mug is a plastic 20-ounce Tim Horton’s travel mug with a J-handle. I take it everywhere. The J-handle allows the mug to fit in my car’s cup holder and the size keeps the pitstops to a minimum. :smile:

I’ve even made a cup holder so it doesn’t take up any space on my workbench.

What about your mug?

–KnollMouse :mouse:


I have a thin, Thomas Kinkade mug that holds about half the amount of a regular mug. It’s just the perfect amount for me. Plus, the windows on the cottage look like they glow when the mug is hot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does “all my Nano mugs” count as an answer here?


This is my fav, it’s one of those heat changing ones, when the drink is poured in, the doors disappear and they come out of the closet lmao. It’s a good size too.



I have so many, but my current favourite is from a cafe a few towns over. it’s large, black with green innards and a green design on both sides. The outside has a matte kind of finish to it, and the inside is shiny. And the way it is shaped, it keeps a [very large] cup of coffee hot for a long time. It’s perfect. And the handle is nice, too.

But then, I can’t resist a good mug. It’s to the point where I promise I won’t buy another one without donating one I never use to the local secondhand store.


I had a much prized purple mug I got at university graduation, which read “HISTORIAN” thereon. My school was too lazy/cheap to print the subject of my degree on the BA (it just says @Raksab has a Bachelor of Arts, whoopie), so the mug was the only proof of what I studied.

It broke in my ceramic sink several months ago :frowning: I still have the broken pieces, I tried to superglue it back together but the glue had dried up. Need to go to the hardware store and see if I can get something to mend it. But it’ll probably only be good for holding pens after that.


Oof, that’s a tragedy!
I once had a gigantic mug that held at least 3 cups (no joke) and said “Future billionaire” on it. And then my boss knocked it over onto a cement floor, and it was no more. :sob:


One year one of my mom’s sisters got all four of them mugs with a photo of them when they were kids in the late 50s/early 60s for Christmas. It’s a typical family portrait from my mom’s side of the family- everything’s off center, no one’s looking at the camera, and their youngest sister looks like she just climbed through a hedge. My parents didn’t have enough room for it in their kitchen so they gave it to me.

I love it! The photo makes me laugh, and the mug itself is big enough I can fit about 1/3 of a pot of tea in it.


I have too many – or just enough depending on when I decide to run the dishwasher. My favorite is one that has a metal interior and sculpted dragons on the outside, with the handle shaped like a dragon’s tail. It just feels so epic to drink from. Then there’s my massive Captain Marvel mug, complete with battle damage – aka, it chipped, but still survives. Lastly there’s my game store mug which has a happy skeleton and dice on it and is big enough for my coffee to last a couple of hours.


My “I :heart: Robots” mug. A friend gave it to me for Christmas, it holds a perfect sized cup of tea or cocoa or what have you, it’s microwavable, and its words are very true. I do, in fact, :heart: robots.


I have a pink Fiesta Ware mug I like the best. It’s one of the SE pink colors that has been (stupidly!) discontinued, a bigger mug than their usual, with the bigger handle. I got it directly from the Fiesta Ware factory in WV; the company has a special place in our family since my parents come from the area around it. There’s always at least one trip to the FW factory when we go up there because they have an enormous irregularity store where all of our dishes come from.

My second favorite one would be either the book quote mug I got from B&N, or the one I got from Disney World, with the seagulls from Finding Nemo all around it. They’re all shouting “Mine! Mine!” of course, and there’s one in the bottom of the inside.


At work I use one of the NaNo (circa 2005?) white, Novelist Fuel mugs with Running Man on the other side.

However at home I’ve switched to a large (16 oz) black Thomas Hammer mug, which has only their hammer icon on both sides. I treasure this mug as a decade or more ago I gifted it to my father who had worked as a carpenter most of his life. My older sister remembered that the mug originally came from me, so after our father’s death a year ago, it returned home with me.


My favorite mug is actually the first thing I painted at a paint-your-own-pottery store that I eventually worked in for a few years and whose owner was a big influence on me. It’s the biggest one I have: it holds two cups easily, which is a good amount of tea. I painted a panda and bamboo on the outside and the inside is red with large dark brown polka dots. The rim is dark brown and the handle is red. The dark brown is because I went for black but wasn’t paying enough attention to the charts that showed the fired colors of the glazes. It’s easily twelve years old and has a few chips in the glaze, but it’s honestly been through the dishwasher so many times it’s a miracle it’s holding up at all.

My second favorite was a gift from my dad, which is one of those quote mugs and says “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -Author Unknown” in white on a black matte mug. It holds about a cup and a half (I like drinking a lot of tea at once, okay?) and even though the saying is a little cheesy, it reminds me of how much he believes in me. I also really like the texture of the matte finish for some reason.

@Dichotomy6958 I’m glad you got it back. I have a few things back that I had given my brother and they’re precious.


I rotate between the NaNo mugs in November.

The local weather station gave me a climate change mug with the bars indicating the average annual temperatures of each year, with the recent years clearly trending hotter. I haul that one out when people scoff at climate change.

Currently, I am drinking from a black mug a la “Nightmare Before Christmas” with the Moon and Jack Skellington stepping off that curled cliff - except instead of Jack Skellington, it’s a Chihuahua.

And I have a new mug coming soon that has photos of all 4 of my dogs on it, with a 5th photo showing all 4 together. That one will likely be my favorite, as 1 dog is nearly 17 years old and 1 has terminal cancer. The other 2 are healthy (with issues).


I have an assortment of mugs for hot beverages. My go-to is usually my large marble textured one as it comfortably holds a large amount of coffee that i consume during 2am sprints, but I do have another that I bought specifically for Nano '17 with a watercolour robin on the side. I’ll rotate between the two often.

My friend then went and bought me my 3rd mug for my birthday with a picture of the Pokemon Eevee hugging a tea cup on it with the pun: ‘Tea-vee’ :sweat_smile: I rarely use it for anything other than tea as that seems blasphemous :rofl:


I have two favorites - one was from a company that made different flavors of powdered Chai tea (I think it’s called Big Train? It hasn’t been sold in stores where I live in well over 15 years - at least, I haven’t seen it!). The design is the one that’s featured on all of their packaging, and on the inside of the cup it says “Drink Chai. Embrace Life.”. Once, I told someone in my high-school class that I had that same mug upon showing them the photo, and they didn’t believe me so I brought it in the next day to show them. I don’t know why I’m so proud of having that mug, but I do really miss that chai. :sob:

The other is a mug that I painted myself at one of those pottery-painting places. It’s red and has the Team Magma logo from Pokemon, as well as the katakana (I think?) for the team name. It’s pretty decent for something I painted myself, if I may say so. :laughing:

I do have an honorable mention that I got for Christmas last year - it’s a white mug with Mewtwo levitating a cup of coffee in front of him and “Brewtwo” underneath. It’s a smaller mug, but it shows that my brother-in-law knows me pretty well. lol


I don’t drink coffee, but my favourite mug is one my husband gave me. It’s bigger than the other mugs we have and it says:
Shut up
I’m writing





My favorite mug was (yes, was) shaped like a stylized skull, made out of heavy glass, and capable of holding 16 ounces. (I know because I measured it.) I got it at the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma. With this mug I could tell how much milk to add before coffee, or how much space to leave for milk after, by gauging it against the teeth or brow ridge in the design. It lasted me four years of daily use. It survived two drops onto vinyl flooring from table-height, and finally gave up on me during November 2018. I was fixing a coffee to stay up writing super late with and it cracked all the way around, halfway between the top and bottom, with only the handle left to hold the top and bottom together.

It was a good mug.


I have a very nice set of black mugs that I’d been using for a while, but about two Christmases ago, my mom bought me a mug covered in banned book titles. I have no idea why, because it’s not particularly fancy or anything, but it has become literally the only mug I ever use. I’ve even bought other cute mugs since (particularly Christmas and Halloween themed ones that I always intend to switch to during the holiday season), but they just sit on my shelves and I keep using the banned book mug. My mom clearly knows me better than I know myself.