What's speculative about your fiction? Tell me about your idea!

Hi all,

Speculative fiction is the genre I tend to write. It’s also a favorite to read. I would love to hear about your spec fic topics!

I’ll go first.
My spec fic includes otherworldly forces, sort of like a ghost, but made out of smoke. Otherwise it is focused on the relationships and emotional growth of the characters as they deal with tragedy.

How about you?

Heh. I tend to file my SF and fantasy under the Spec Fic category as well - after all, that was the original term for the both of them! There aren’t many stories I write that combine the two, however (not even modern urban fantasy) - but in terms of reading, Andre Norton is definitely my go-to on that! :smile:

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I am weak for nonhuman societies and cultures. A couple of my stories have involved societies composed of AIs in different situations, and getting into the characters and how life shakes out for them. The current story (in terms of original fic, anyway) is a cyberpunk or dystopian sort that takes the sort of reproductive rights and privacy issues we see today, takes them further, and throws different species with different biology and social standing in the mix.

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Papillon is a magical girl story that takes place five years after the magical girls stopped the threat to their world.

It’s a story about rediscovering the magic of your youth—the curiosity and enthusiasm, the abandoned passions, the friendships that had fallen by the wayside.

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