What's my genre?

Yes, sometimes picking from a list is tough.

You may have elements from one or more of the genres that we list here (which is certainly not comprehensive, just representative of the most popular ones amongst participants). Or you may be breaking all the rules for every existing novel ever written!

So go ahead, give us a description and we’ll try to help you find the right lounge and name for it. Or maybe we’ll put our heads together to come up with a new one!

[Realistic Fiction]
[Free Verse Poetry Mixed with Futuristic Fantasy]

We’ve also have a forum for all you folks not writing fiction called NaNo Rebels.

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I need help, y’all. :joy: Currently I have my project under Satirical Dystopia Speculative Fiction.

This is my synopsis:

Nobody thought they would amount to anything. A lycanthrope, a convicted murderer, a cripple, an android, a fairy, an amnesiac prince, and all their little weirdo friends were destined to be shunned by society. The very society that they would find themselves giving their lives for after acquiring superpowers. But what’s really more important: stopping the aliens from enslaving the earth, or seeing how many bananas it’s humanly possible to consume?

So… yep. That’s me. Any suggestions?

Wait… I need the answer…

I don’t think I’m much help because that sounds like a mix of science fiction and fantasy to me…

I’d say science fantasy, or just straight fantasy since just about anything that has a little fantasy in it gets shunted there. You could also go with the much fancier and impressive sounding speculative fiction, which also technically houses sci fi and fantasy.