What to call my fantasy multiverse

I recently decided to take a few lone contemporary (kind of urban) fantasy stories and see if I could make them share a setting, and when the clicked they started pulling in whole bunches of other story outlines and ideas, some so completely unexpected.

Out of this emerged a complex… multi-verse? Mega-verse? and an elaborate mythos and cosmogony. The 13 realms have close to 100 book and story outlines taking place in them and are suggesting even more stories to be told. Fairy realms, dueling immortals, were-beings, monster slayers, superheroes, wizards, Gods, eldritch horrors, wonderland and neverland, etc. It’s a stargate network to most of what is classed as ‘speculative fiction’.

and as a complex setting of complex hidden interconnects, nobody within can ‘see the forest for the trees’. Different realms imagine themselves in a key location in the 3, 5 or 7 linear realms they are aware of, but nobody (not even the olympian gods nor the technologically advanced aliens of alpha centauri know the intricate knotwork that is the linked rings of the 13 realms.

So what do I call 13 interwoven realms, each as grand as our own known universe, whose true size and diversity is unknown by all it’s inhabitants?

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I kind of like the simplicity of “The 13 Realms” but I also like roman numerals and perhaps calling it “The XIII” would give it slightly more mystery.

Other than that, I’d probably riff off the interwoven aspect and call it “The Loom of Space and Time.”

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ooo, what about the Manyfold Realms. alternately The Manifold. Many is more than 1, and doesn’t require that anyone knows the actual number.


now I’m digging through all my sci-fi story idea and seeing what I can reassemble into a larger shared universe or a few . Likely a few as it’s more multi-planet timelines, without the alternate timelines, thus I feel it’s important that the hard sci-fi and soft sci-fi not get mixed… and then there is the science fantasy.

But it seems like a should get 3 decent universes out of it all with a dozen or so stories to be told in each.

now what to name them…

Soooo…one of my favorite ways to name things is to throw a word into Google Translate and look at the way its said in different languages. For instance, I created the “Land of Istoria” for an RPG module, and it is full of places called “story” or “book” or “tale”, etc, in all of these different languages. Just an idea!

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I’d been playing with naming my sci-fi setting, and did something a bit similar actually. When pulling in and tying together disperate story settings one was a trilogy of neo-cyberpunk book outlines that used 133+ 5P34|< (leet speak) in a bit of ‘wordplay’ using vo.1/<5 6315+ (Volume 1, less than 5 years, 63 hours, 15 stories and a bonus) which makes volksgeist, which is part of a trio of terms (volksgeist- spirit of a people, zeitgeist- sprit of the times, weltgeist- spirit of world, with a sense of how it has come to be what it is). with that in mind as the first stories in my setting I began to explore terms for space and time and such in google translate.

I think I found a term that may work but asked a german speaker if they knew the term and if it worked for what I was using it for. The answer I got was not as likely to make sense in the context… so I’m not sure if I’m going to pay fast and loose with things and just use it anyway.

Ferne suggests it means: Far away, distant lands, the far past, the far future, remoteness. which seems like it covers a lot of the things in a future timeline that deals with everything from global politics, to travel in space to other worlds and a far flung future millenia and light years away.