What are the requirements for TL3?

What are the requirements to getting TL3?

The third column is the actual requirements for the past 100 days. The second column is my actual stats. Except for the ones where a time period is mentioned these are all stats for the last 100 days:

Cinnamon_Fridge - Requirements for Trust Level 3

In the last 100 days:

Value Requirement
Visits 78% (78 / 100 days) 50%
Topics Replied To 77 10
Topics Viewed 331 91
Topics Viewed (all time) 331 200
Posts Read 5304 2138
Posts Read (all time) 5304 500
Flagged Posts 0 max of 5
Users Who Flagged 0 max of 5
Likes Given 16 30
Likes Received 283 20
Likes Received: unique days 65 7
Likes Received: unique users 63 5
Silenced (last 6 months) 0 0
Suspended (last 6 months) 0 0

ETA: You know what the one thing those stats really say? I spend way too much time here :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you make that neat little chart, or is it available on our profile somewhere? I dug around but couldn’t find anything.

It’s a page that is only accessible to forum staff accounts. It’s really useful for those “I swear <username> should be TL3. Why haven’t they been promoted yet?” moments.

Moving this over to its own topic, since it’s not a beta tester badge request. :slight_smile:

LOL! That explains the error message I got when I tried to split it. You must have done it right as I was trying to do the same :slight_smile:

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GMTA, I suppose. lol.

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I swear the likes will keep me from ever getting to TL3. I’m just not a big liker!

As for the topics viewed, does that include topics across the entire site? Because if you have to read about a quarter of the topics across the entire forum, that’s a LOT, especially during NaNo season. Doubly so if you add in all the posts in the forums with lots of threads. (Games, RP, Reference Desk, Teens, looking at you.)


You need to log on 19 more days, view 114 more topics, and 815 more posts (this will go up as more posts are added, but will max out eventually)

And yes, 18 more likes given.

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It looks like the “all time” post limit was dropped to 500, but recent posts is still really high (over 2000). Maybe that should be dropped too?)

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I’m the same. In fact most of the likes I’ve given out have been in a single thread mostly to let the people posting in it know that I’ve read their messages. :slight_smile:

There’s a hard limit of 500 topics and 20,000 posts read in the past 100 days in the default settings. Those are settings Heather can adjust if she wants. They’re generally based on the idea that you need to be active to keep TL3 because of the extra permissions it grants.

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No, those are the calculated amounts based on the current number of posts in the database. Once the number of posts is sufficiently high those numbers adjust themselves.

How close would I be to TL3?

Pretty close. You just need to visit more days. You’re currently at or exceeding the rest of the requirements. I’ll send you a PM of your current stats. :slight_smile:

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So based on your experience, and your familiarity with our site and how it works, what would you think would be good limits? 20,000 seems insane to me, at the end of the day (although there are some games threads that easily hit that) we don’t want to lock people out.

I swear, didn’t we have this conversation already? I’m getting deja vu for real.

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I think it came up briefly on the mod/ML test install.

Based on what I’ve seen of how others use the forums probably a good set of limits would be to hard limit topics to 200 instead of the current 500, and the posts hard limit would probably be better at 10,000 for now and adjusted later. There’s a really high probability that using Discourse will affect how people interact with the forums in general. I can use myself as a perfect example. I’ve been a lot more active in some of the threads in the #diversions-procrastination category than I ever was in the forums on the currents site. I actually have most of the related forums hidden on the current site. :slight_smile:


We’ll start with that then, and adjust as necessary!

Same. Because I’m getting notifications about everything new I’m seeing and posting in a lot of places I normally wouldn’t. There’s a bunch I do need to mute (I can’t post in 40s… I’m not 40) but right now I like to lurk.

Same same. I have about 3/4 of the forums muted, but I still go into forums that I’d never normally wet a toe in.

In my case, it’s exploration of something new. I’m sure I’ll be back to Ref Desk and Grammar & Style almost exclusively in a few weeks.

How do I know how close I am to T3?