Weird Things I've Noticed About Replies

I’ve noticed that if you click to do a quick reply to a topic, and then back out of the topic by clicking on the link to go to the category that the topic’s in, then the reply screen stays up. I’m not sure what would happen if you then replied to the topic, but it seems that it would be rather confusing for it to stay up.

It’s a minor thing, but I thought you might want to know!


This is what happens. Nice catch!

ETA: It just posts to the thread like normal.

Thanks, I had just tested that and was going to edit the first post :slightly_smiling_face:

As a side note, if you click to reply, then go to another topic, it asks you which topic you want to reply to.

That’s by design. It’s so that you can go to other threads and quote posts from them easily without having to mess with opening multiple tabs. Discourse will warn you though if you hit reply and aren’t on a category page or in the original thread. Try quoting my first sentence in this message and then go to a different thread and quote a random message and hit the reply button without coming back here and you’ll see it. :slight_smile:


Oh, okay! I just didn’t know whether it was a feature or a bug, and so I figured it was worth asking about. Thanks!

It will even save a draft of your reply! I created this one, closed Discourse entirely, and came back. :slight_smile: No more losing posts when you accidentally close a window!


If I could I would like this post a zillion times. The number of times I’ve lost a post because of accidentally closing a window or my browser crashing is enough to make me cry.


Fun fact about that function. It autosaves your post as a draft 2 seconds after you stop typing just like Scrivener does in its default configuration. :slight_smile:


One problem with replies. If I reply to an individual message, I’m thrown at the end of the thread. And now the spot where I was is not saved. Just opposite of what has been advertised.

You can click the context reply a couple times to get back up (one click on mobile)

Hmmm. Must look. Does it actually go to were the message answered is and not just pick it up?

I’m on mobile right now but I’m pretty sure you can open the context, then there should be a link in the context to jump you back up.

Mobile doesn’t have the context, it just jumps you up so I can’t confirm.

I have to try that next time.
The problem appears if you have been away from a very active thread and then comment on the way…