Victory Thread

This thread is for sharing your personal victories, large or small, when it comes to your writing.

My victory today… well, some context first. I finished the first draft of my novel in November, but then it just… kinda sat on hold. I’ve done some revision work, but it’s so full of plot holes I haven’t been able to fix that it’s mostly just been sitting around untouched.

The biggest and most glaring plot hole is in the premise itself: my main character, who is an alien, gets sent to Earth, but WHY? I originally had him as a scout sent here on a reconnaissance mission to gather information about Earth, which is a candidate for invasion (and does, in fact, get invaded later in the book). The glaring problem here is what information could he possibly have been sent to gather? If his people have such advanced technology they can travel to and INVADE other planets, what sort of necessary information would require boots on the ground? Wouldn’t it be enough to observe from orbit?

Also relevant here: my MC has good (or at least decent) mechanical skills. I ideally wanted to make this relevant to the plot somehow, but I never figured out how to showcase it at all, so it unfortunately ended up being just one of those facts that pretty much no one knows but the author. One of his (many) frustrations with being in the military was that they could have given him a job that interested him, like doing maintenance on vehicles, but did they? No, they just had to send him to some stupid planet light years away where he had to live undercover among weird aliens. Yeah, no thanks.

But now all that’s changed, thanks to today’s victory: I was daydreaming today about ideas for the sequel when I figured out how to fix both these issues. Oddly enough, I was actually picturing a scene that would introduce a character who was only mentioned briefly in the first book, but the scene involved my MC fixing something for him, and somehow, suddenly, the realization came to me:

His mechanical skills ARE useful in the first book and are the key to fixing that plot hole I’ve been stuck on for months. He isn’t on a recon mission. Earth isn’t just a candidate for invasion. Earth is already a decided target, and my MC is sent there on a sabotage mission. Sure, the aliens have enough military power to take over easily, but it makes perfect sense they’d want to cripple Earth’s military capability first by sabotaging their equipment, in order to minimize losses.

It makes so much sense now. I’ve spent so much time brainstorming, researching, asking online, asking family, brainstorming some more… and come up with nothing that seemed to work. And then the answer comes to me when I’m not even trying.

Such is the creative process, I guess. I’m just glad to have finally figured it out! Hopefully now I can finally move on with my novel. :slight_smile:

So, fellow Wrimos, what are your latest writing victories?


That’s awesome! Good for you! I love it when plot holes magically fill themselves like holes on a beach.


My victories are

  1. I only started writing during Camp NaNoWriMo 2018, July, and since then, I’ve written three 50,000+ word books and I’ almost done with my fourth!
  2. I had this book that was very important to me, that I was working on, and it was so important that I couldn’t put my thoughts into words but … it’s the book I’m almost finished with now. So happy!

Hey, awesome! I have no idea how you keep up that level of productivity, but that’s seriously awesome you’ve managed to write so much in just a year!

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Thank you so much!!! :heart:

It boggles the mind when I realize I’ve done this for ten years.Not always a new novel, not always a useful piece of literature after, but I have done NaNo for :keycap_ten: freaking years.:scream:


After years of being terrified of sharing, I finally sent a novel to my alpha reader! I’ve been working on this one on and off for eight years now, so I’m rather proud of it now. It’s easily my favorite story so far.

On another note, I wrote myself into a hole back in April, and after taking a break to work on other projects, I finally managed to get back on track. Now I can finally finish this thing – just 74k to go!

My only other recent accomplishment would be the small feat of outlining the different stories I intend on writing for camp next month. Not too impressive, but I’m glad I managed beat procrastination. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’ve finally found a way to organize my notes on characters and settings that doesn’t involve me having random notes stuck all over the place. It worked, but it was a mess and I couldn’t keep things straight.

Related to that, I think I’ve puzzled out more of the plot for my November project that I’d been stuck on for a while. I’m good at picking out shorter story arcs and motivations, but not so good with something that ties them together. But sorting out my notes helped me see where things fit together the right way so now I can start on a proper outline!


I made it a whopping 10K without torturing my MC a single time. That is a first. :joy:


I am so proud of you. I could never accomplish that…

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In 2016, I wrote the foundation for my current novel in 2016. I guess that’s an accomplishment? :smiley:


15 years for me… NaNo and the Writing Journey have really changed my life and, I think, made a positive impact on many others in our region.

Before NaNo, if anyone asked me, “Are you a writer?” my answer would have been: “Back when I was in high school, I had dreams of becoming one, but they went by the wayside.” Now, writing is a key thread of my identity.


I’ve been steadily averaging 2k a day and even managed 1k in 45 minutes this weekend. I’ve discovered that silence, no internet, and a focused plan make all the difference for me.


I’m almost always too busy with family in July to get any writing down, so even though my Camp goal for July is only 5k, it’s a small victory to me that I’m actually getting to sit down and work on my projects at all this summer!

I’ve also spent about a year and a half mulling over how to rewrite my first November book from 2017, and I feel like the pieces are slowly falling into place one by one. I’ve been a bit scared of rereading it, because I know it’s kind of a disjointed mess, but… I think I’m gonna dive in and reread the whole thing in September-October somewhere, when I’m done moving, so that I can get started on a second draft this year. I don’t know if that’s for sure what I’ll end up doing, but I do feel good about getting as far as this with it, because part of me was scared I’d shove it aside forever in fear of encountering it again, haha.

Also, another small one - I’m juggling several different projects this July so I’ll be able to keep writing and counting even if I get distracted by other ideas, and it feels really good to get hit by those unexpected muses and watch the graph soar! I know I can’t do the same in November without going rebel, but god, it’s very satisfying right now, especially since I’ve been restless and gotten stuck on single projects in Camps before and ended up only barely meeting my goals. I think setting a lower goal this time was a good choice, even if I would’ve liked to have the time for a higher one. Maybe next Camp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reviving the victory thread to cheer for myself: my November idea actually has a coherent and interesting ten word summary, and my characters are starting to have enough wants that they’re shaping story development. YAY.

…nearly every project I’ve had enough excitement to tell myself THIS one’s different; this one’s good. I’m… paradoxically delighted to find myself this excited again after experiencing burnout.


My latest writing victory… I finally finished last year’s nano novel. And I’m pretty happy with it.


Awesome! Congrats!

It’s Year 11 for me. 6th year as an ML, and I am the “last original” from that year’s team! And, Heather decided to keep my soul for another year as Mod. :fearful: