Update Potluck: New feature, new themes, and a badge

I added a quick-and-dirty link back to the preview site to all available themes! You’ll see it in the upper right corner, next to search!

I also installed a few new themes, for fun. Check them out! We’ve also introduced a brand new #support:themes forum! If you’re technically savvy with an eye for design, then you can create a theme with the potential for use right here! If you have an idea for a theme, but no tech savvy, you can also post your wishlists, and maybe some kind creative soul will fulfill your request!

Check out #support:testing-1-2-3 for random tests that will be closed in 48 hours to try out new things in a safe, harmless place!

If you haven’t gotten your Beta Tester Badge, head here to request one! It is shiny, and can be used as a title for bragging rights when we launch! Limited time offer, restrictions apply, see post for details (did you hear that announcer guy’s voice when you read that? I did!)

You may also notice a little lock icon beside some forums. This doesn’t mean it’s locked! This means it is a “private” forum, which means only certain people can access it. In most cases, it’s limited to TL1 and above. Examples include #genres:erotic-fiction and #diversions-procrastination. This means that only registered users of TL1 or above can access them! Others, like #official-stuff:sponsor-offers aren’t marked with a lock, because they can be viewed and replied to by anyone, but only admins can create new posts there!

And here’s your fun Discourse tip of the day. By hitting escape, Discourse saved the draft of this post so I could navigate to another forum to do something, then when I came back, I could click open draft to pick up where I left off!



I added one more little feature for you. Click the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the page to see. :slight_smile:

Theme switching!

Try them all on for size.