I can’t be the only soul here who loves these games/this universe. In fact, Undertale led me to meeting my girlfriend, who I absolutely love and adore.

My favorite bits about it are the characters. The Dreemurrs are my favorites, with Toriel being #1. So much so, in fact, that I run a roleplaying blog as her on Tumblr! Haha. But I just love the dynamics between them all, and the story is pretty good, too.

I’m just in awe of Toby Fox. I don’t think he even imagined this game getting as big as it got, so much so that now even Sans got into Smash (as a mii fighter costume, but still). And he’s like… A single developer. That at least gives me motivation to keep up on my own stuff that I’m creating!

Also, I’m stoked for Deltarune chapter 2, whenever that comes out.

Anyone else a fan?

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Big time. I love this game and all of its characters. It’s hard to pick a favourite though. They’re all so lovable in their own way.

I played it rather late, so I was somewhat aware of what it was about, but that didn’t lessen the enjoyment playing it. It is however the one game I shall never be able to replay. Because yes, I’m that kind of person. I got them their happy ending (no genocide runs for me) and I can’t take that away from them. I am however contemplating rebuying it on the switch or not.

Definitely mad props to Toby for what he’s done mostly on his own (he did have some help). I get why he decided he can’t make deltarune on his lonesome. It must not have been easy and after Undertale everyone is watching him. Must not be an easy spotlight to be in.

I liked the Deltarune demo, but poor Asgore. I really hope it will allow some sort of happy ending in the end though. Because I care for these character too much to see them miserable. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, i played it late too. In fact, i didn’t play it until 2017, so like… Around 2 years late, i think? I’m not sure how I managed to not get spoiled during that whole time, but I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t think I would have appreciated the ending as much if I had.

I’ve attempted genocide runs a couple of times… I’ve never succeeded though. Either I get frustrated and quit (thanks Undyne. and sans.) or I just start feeling really bad and reset and do true pacifist again instead. It just feels so much better to let everyone live their happy lives!

And yes, omg, poor Asgore! The man needs some love! I just wonder what happened in Deltarune to cause his and Toriel’s split… :thinking:

I remember when I played Undertale, trying my best to pick whatever random options that would convince the monsters attacking me to stop trying to kill my character (which the game considered me showing mercy on the monsters for some reason), seeing as the game made it painfully obvious that such was always the correct solution.

Then I got to Undyne, and literally none of the random “begging for your life” options did anything at all. In the end, I figured that the solution actually was to fight back.

At which point the game genuinely declared me to be a worse person than the bloodthirsty psychopath who had just hunted down, trapped, and tried to murder an innocent child just because they’re a human.

I did finish a playthrough of the game (my favourite part was how it revealed that monsters frequently killed humans by complete accident…and made it perfectly obvious that you weren’t meant to care in the slightest about the humans being killed) only for the game to remind me again of how much I suck because I didn’t figure out the solution to one specific battle was to understand the character in question is so adamant on murdering a child that she will literally not stop trying to do so until she has completely and utterly exhausted herself in trying to do so.

And this is a character whom the game considers heroic, and demands you befriend or else you’re a bad person.

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I completely understand why you felt that way about it. I suppose the reason I like the game as much is that is really plays into the way I tend to relate to games. I feel bad about doing bad stuff in games. I naturally try to talk my way out of situations where possible. Even with Undyne my instinct was to run. So much so that I died several times with Asgore just trying to find a way not to attack. So for me the game worked. But I get it doesn’t for everyone.

I just really liked the idea of pacifism in a game where most RPGs are based on killing. You grind levels to beat even more enemies. And I personally didn’t feel like the game condemned mistakes as much. That learning was actually the intent. Since you can’t get a true pacifist run on your first go anyway. Nor that they really wanted to murder children. Much like you with Undyne they felt like they had no other choice. Like they were stuck in that cycle where they tried to talk to the humans and came to the conclusion that there was no other way. That this was how things had to be.

I think the power of a game like undertale is exactly that it brings up such strong emotions both positive and negative. It isn’t meant to be a perfect game, it was an attempt at turning RPG mechanics on its head. Personally I think it succeeded in that regard whether one likes the game or not.


Did someone say Undertale?

I got into this fandom a few years ago, thanks to my cousin who introduced the game to me. I immeadiatly fell in love with it, the characters, the music, etc. It got me back into gaming and introduced me into cosplay, one of my favorite hobbies. Now, years later, my cousin and I are both working on AUs of our own and are still fans of this awesome game. Plus, it also got me into Earthbound, so that’s cool!

Seeing as this is one of the few RPGs where your choices fully matter is really cool, and it’s such a nice concept.

Deltarune got me back into the fandom when I was starting to drift away from it. And honestly…couldn’t be more hyped for this.