Turkzilla, the Reimaginining (Help us make the event better!)

So you may have heard about the legendary Turkzilla! The monstrous beast that flocks to NaNoLand every third week of November and can only be defeated with 20,000 words of power.

Of course, that’s kind of dull.

Turkzilla is a write-a-thon from the Wednesday before the American Thanksgiving through the following Sunday. The original idea was to write 20k and use the long weekend to catch up. We’ve slowly attempted to move it more into a endless word sprints concept. Mostly because a bunch of sprints excite everyone and if you’re on track you don’t need another 20k at that point - so that goal might leave out the more experience Nanoer who doesn’t want to overachieve.

Previously we ran it on Chatnano with Timmy creating the sprints, but he was upgraded in a way to prevent 122ish sprints in a row (because someone had him calling sprints for the entire year!). Last also attempted to have Winnie_bot run the sprints on Discord, but she doesn’t like running that many sprints either (and needed assistance from a custom made Turkzilla bot)

So our first idea for 2019 is Sprint Blocks.

Sprints (15 min on the 30s) will run for three hours, then have an hour break. That way you have an easy place to get food, use the rest room. Confirm with others you are alive. The schedule is offset so it makes it easy to have a 5pm (PST) dinner, since we felt that dinner was harder to dodge than say lunch (which people have some time around midday)

Times in PST, Wars would be 15 on, 15 off

Start Stop Wars
9 am 10 am Breakfast
10 am 1 pm 6 wars
1 pm 2 pm Lunch
2pm 5pm 6 wars
5 pm 6 pm Dinner
6pm 9pm 6 wars
9 pm 10 pm Dessert
10pm 1am 6 wars
1 am 2 am Midnight Snack
2 am 5 am 6 wars
5 pm 6 pm Pre-Breakfast
6am 9am 6 wars

What else should we do to make this a better, GLOBAL event? We’re thinking at least a thread to declare your personal goal for that weekend, maybe come up with some way to have wars against either yourself or your friends. Maybe you try to break your streak in the next writing block?

We want ideas!
@Xander_Writes & @Twinkle_Toes_the_Berserker


What about themed sprint titles? Or adopting a time block? People could volunteer to rally for that block, and you could advertise “Write with the Aussies!” or something like that? Someone could come up with cool trivia or quotes or something to share during the breaks.

I think I’m confused about what platform you’re intending to use?

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Maybe all of them? Winnie_Bot (for Discord) is currently in the shop, but I assume she’ll return for November and reactivating Timmy every four hours wouldn’t be the worse thing. But we’re open to ideas. The event sort of has a following but we also don’t think a lot of people who have heard of it understand it.

And then we realized he had trouble defining it. :shushing_face:

Just a thought, but it would see me to me that the way the threads work now on here would lend well to an interactive sprint.

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Perhaps a Twitter account? I bet you could get some people on board to do live tweets (like the NaNo sprint account), ooooor…schedule out a bunch using a variety of the tools that do that (I know the free Hootsuite account limits to 30 scheduled posts). Maybe a Facebook page that could host some Live feed sprints?

Oh! What about Woolf for a bot?? I haven’t played with it much myself; my WriMos preferred Winnie_Bot.

That’s an interesting concept. We could probably do a Twitter account. I don’t know that it would lend itself well to FB witht he new algorithm changes. :thinking:

Oh, that is very true. Stupid Facebook. :anger:

Not sure how to make it better or global, but I want to share this with the OA chat.

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You’d have to do something in addition to Twitter. Some people won’t use it. I’m one of them.

Not all people will use FB either.

That’s why I suggested a thread here on the actual NaNo forums to host it. The new set up lends real well to it.

Yeah, FB is out. A big reason is my co-ML runs sprints there and they either a) ban her or b) change the API so her autoposting app breaks.

It’s happened like five times!

We might be able to use it to direct people somewhere else, though

Using it to direct people elsewhere is probably a good idea.

That’s weird she has problems though. I’ve run sprints for my area (I’m also an ML) on FB for the last five years and never had any problems with them.

The problem there probably comes from individual postings instead of a singular post? That’s how I would host a write-in on FB? There are some creative things that could be done with a Facebook page or group, but if you want a constant running feed… Twitch or YouTube might have some options for ya.

That’s a good point. I’ve always done one post per night then did the sprint times within the comments. It makes it really nice because it keeps the sprints together instead of getting lost in the chitchat.

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What about a NaNo sprinting Discord server? My regional group has one as of last year, its great for staying organized, and there are a lot of fancy bots.

We have one, actually! It’s set aside just for Turkzilla!

That reminds me I want to find out how to set Winnie to mirror the Turkzilla wars to other servers, so we can tell other servers they can basically opt in to auto sprints for that weekend and Winnie’s post war stats will be like inter-server word wars

(Winnie allows you to join any war she’s running on any server but she doesn’t usually call the wars from another server. You have to ask what’s scheduled and get the ID from her. If you do that though, and join through your normal server, at the end of the war she’ll announce the combined totals from every particpating server. In other words, the stats look cooler if you join a Turkzilla chat from the LA or CA Elsewhere server than just joining from the Turkzilla server.

There is a way to get Winnie to call wars in other servers, at least announce they’ve been requested and give the ID automatically , I just don’t know how to set it. And Winnie is currently down for maintenance. )


Let me know how that goes, because I’d like that very much. OAs sometimes need a bit of competition to make themselves do the big word counts we’re known for. You have no idea how many of my fellows complain about getting started until there is a race involved. :smiley:

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I’m going to ask a stupid question because I’ve honestly not done any sprints or word wars outside of using the sprinting tool on the old site. What is Winnie? (I’m guessing it’s a program to run things automatically?) And how does she work?

Winnie is a Discord bot that runs sprints like Timmy does on Chatnano (or Sprinto)