Trust Levels: What You Need to Know

This is a super-important update for everyone! Before you dive in, take a moment to read this. (it’s pinned for all users globally.)

A trust level is the fundamental core permissions system Discourse uses. When you import your account here, you’re considered “TL0” – that is, you are new to the software! That stands for “trust level 0.”

For 24 hours, you’ll have certain restrictions. Take this time to get used to the site! The most important thing you can do is start reading (you need to read at least 5 topics to get promoted to TL1)

By default, new users are limited to 5 posts in their first 24 hours. If you hit that threshold, you’ll be prevented from posting more for 24 hours. It’s an anti-spam thing. Hang in there! It’s only for the first 24 hours, then you’re golden. If you get the message that you’ve hit the limit for new users, you’ll have to wait that out; you’re not banned, just in a “timeout” period. After 24 hours, that won’t happen again.

To avoid this, I have temporarily raised this limit to 100 posts for the transition period from the old site. Please note that this will not be permanent. It’s an important limit that protects you from spammers.

There’s a separation between the Discourse forums and the main part of the site. This isn’t permanent! As we continue to develop the main site, we will start connecting the two more intimately! Expect word counts, better profile integration, and more.

Once you’ve read this, go ahead and head up to the top right corner of the screen, where your profile picture is. There should be a message from Discobot! Go for it. That’s your tutorial, and it’ll help familiarize yourself with this.

One of our helpful users has composed a more detailed tutorial here.

If you have any questions about how it works, or want to make suggestions, or see what other conversations we’ve had already about what’s coming, check out the #support forum for more info.

I’m trying to make regular updates here in the #official-stuff forum, so I’d recommend at least watching the first posts on this forum so you’ll automatically get notified when there’s an update!

And above all, this is not the final form! We’ve got tons of more evolution and development to do. Thanks for being here for us, and being patient as we work. Watch your step, mind the ladders, and we’ll do our best to keep those drop cloths out of your way! And if the colors aren’t to your liking, feel free to repaint yourself! (Choose a new theme in your interface settings, or by selecting one in the main menu dropdown)

Here’s to an exciting 2019 NaNoWriMo!