Trouble logging in from PC

So I have no trouble logging in on my smartphone, but it’s been impossible for me to log in from my computer. (I use Firefox). Does anyone else have the same issue?

Can you provide more details? What are you trying and what isn’t working? Are you getting an error message, weird behavior or what?

I successfully logged in on the “” page , but when I click on the forums tab I’m not logged in anymore, even when I refresh the page.

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Did you click the login button? Its not automatic.

Update : after filling out my profile bio, I went back to the forums , and now I’m logged in! Weird. Well, problem solved but I have no idea why that happened. ( I tried yesterday as well , it didn’t work either)

And yes, before filling out my profile I tried logging in directly on the forums several times, didn’t work either.

I’ve been having trouble similar to this, when switching between the site and forums it logs me out and I just have to log back in. I spend most of my time on the forums anyways so it’s not much of an Inconvenience. I think it’s just a bit of a bug, though take that with a grain of salt because I’m just a user, not a moderator or anything.

I also had some trouble logging in tonight. (Probably because I signed out on mobile to get the purple flowers because I never sign out). I would hit the log in button on the forums, it would take me to the main site to log in and then I would come back here and still not be logged in. I even tried clicking the forums link on the main site and got the same results. This happened several times before it would finally log in my account so I could post. I don’t even remember how I finally got it to log me in to the forums.

When that happens (where it doesn’t redirect you and log you in automatically on the forums) you need to click the login button in the header of the forums and it should send you to the main site and then immediately redirect back to the forums with the necessary information in the URL for the forums to log you in via single sign on.

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I actually did do this and it still didn’t log me in the first several times. I’m not quite sure what was going on with it. :woman_shrugging:

Next time it happens, try doing a hard refresh on the forums. It’s rare, but sometimes Discourse will set the the login cookie but won’t see it without a hard refresh.

Not sure what’s going on, but I keep getting kicked out of my login sessions. Change avatar? Logs me out. Try to update bio? Logs me out. Refresh the page? Logs me out. Try to visit someone else’s profile? Logs me out. Try to visit the forum? Logs me out. It took me a few tries to finally get here and stay logged in.

Not sure what’s going on, it’s been working smoothly for me up until tonight. On Windows 10, Chrome, if that helps.

Edit: Even just following my bookmark link to the new site logs me out. Sometimes just logging in logs me out. lmao :tired_face: :rofl:

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I got stuck in a refresh loop attempting to log in, ChromeOs Chrome 75.0.3770.144.

I’m on Windows 10, Google Chrome and it keeps auto-logging me out.

I click login and nothing happens, I click the button again and then the page refreshes, for half a second I see my profile, then the page auto-refreshes again back to the homepage. If I repeat this process it then signs me in but it logs me out again when going to the forums. Clicking the login button on the top bar does log me in without any further input but the site was leaving me logged in up until today.

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the big deploy?

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I logged out and attempted to log back in. Clicked the button, and nothing happened. Clicked the button again and again, nothing happened. I was able to login on the forum page, but not the main preview site login page.

It took me a couple tries to log back in yes now (logged out to see if I could get my wreath to appear). I would login, it would take me briefly to my page on the preview site, then fresh and take me back to the login screen. After 4 or 5 tries I stayed logged in. Firefox, Windows 10.

edit: Yay my wreath DID appear!

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I am having this same issue, repeated logging me out as soon as I change pages. Am on Windows 7 with Chrome.

I’m using mobile and every time I try logging into the regular site it’ll log me back out. I see my pic and all my stuff for like a couple of seconds and then it kicks me out. Pulling up my computer to see if it works better on there.

[Edit:] Haha, never mind my computer just died died as in it’s trash and won’t even turn on anymore…

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Just happened to me. main site does not stay logged in, while here it was a time struggle to log in. I’m on chrome on an Android device.

Also having huge problems staying logged in. On a Mac on Chrome.