Torn Between Ideas (or Which One Should I Write this Month?)

Can’t decide which project you want to write? Ask for help from your fellow writers here.

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Help me pick out what to work on for this upcoming NaNo!
Poll will close on September 15th!

  • Finish “The Chimera Chronicles” Book 1
  • Finish Fae Novel - The Summer Queen
  • Start a new novel about modern day magic

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Hi guys. I’m currently plotting two different concepts in preparation for Nano. I’m not sure which one I should write.

Option 1: Unit One
This project is about coming of age on a psychiatric unit. It is #ownvoices. Baiscally, Mila Gurner has a few pretty serious mental health issues and a traumatic past and just when she finds herself at rock bottom, she is plopped into the dramatic, messy, traumatic, and sometimes healing world that is Unit One, a children and teens mental health ward. There are some colorful characters she has to deal with and some difficult choices she has to make.

Option 2: Struck
This project is a YA dark fantasy about Avira. Her mother was struck by lightning while she was being born and though her mother passed, Avira survived. But she survived with a secret. She is part of a prophecy that the Struck Children will bring back the Lost Gods. The setting is a witchy, dark world with a dash of cyberpunk controlled by the Crones, the three women who rule the city. But before she can fulfill her destiny, Avira must survive propaganda, raids, and discrimination against her kind, people who are Cursed with magic without getting sent to the Crucible, where captured Cursed go and never come back.

  • Unit One
  • Struck
  • Come up with something different

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