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I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere that there are plans to make the forums publicly accessible, so that you don’t require a log-in to view them. (I think it was mentioned in the Category help page, when trust level locking came up?) I know it’s been mentioned that the “Find your crew” supercatergory and the LGBT+ genre forum are TL0 locked so that you need to log in to access them — the latter so people aren’t outing themselves in a easily public accessible place. Are there plans to TL0 lock any others?

I realize this was initially a spam measure, but I know there are people more comfortable being active on the old site because you needed to log in to use the forums, for any number of possible reasons. Particularly since writing is a fairly personal thing for a lot of people and discussing specifics where anyone can see can be nerve racking? I know this isn’t really a private place, but I am going to find it different discussing things in a place I know is just a step off the sidewalk on the information highway than inside a member space (even if that member space is easily accessed).


I can say that having broadly open forums will make me far less likely to discuss my story and characters, which is what’s kept me coming back regularly for the last ~5 years.

I don’t need writing inspiration; I’ve got that down pat. I want a community of writers I can spitball ideas with and a public forum is not the place for that.That’s an aspect I really liked about the old/current site.


I didn’t realize that this forum was going to be open to the public. That also makes me a bit nervous.


ummm yeah I didnt realize until right now that this was open access… I’ll definitely be more careful with what I talk about and probably go back to edit old posts that have somewhat personal info about my family/work


I’d recommend locking them all by default, then unlocking the ones directly related to the NaNo challenge, such as word counts, grammar advice, and Reaching 50K.


Just to put the other perspective out there… I have exactly zero concerns about my posts being publicly accessible by non-logged-in users. In fact, I only today learned that the regular NaNo forums aren’t publicly viewable by non-logged-in users. I always assumed they were accessible because most forums/comment sections/subreddits/etc. are; that’s what the default is in my mind.


I always assumed NaNo would work like Scribophile and Critique Circle and other writing sites, and be under log-in protection. Not open commentary like Facebook or Twitter (because this is a writing site, not social media).


I’ve been on plenty of writing forums too that were not behind log-ins, aside from perhaps actual writing critique threads (which is not what most of the NaNo forums are used for).

Just a little curious

  • I didn’t know the site was private and didn’t care
  • Knowing the site was private encouraged me to post
  • I thought the site was public and didn’t care
  • I thought the site was public and wasn’t comfortable posting

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Can’t say I’m overly bothered by the idea of random people seeing my posts here - but then again if there are many users who are, that’s something to consider.

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We’ll definitely want any subforums we have for posting from our WIPs to be private. Publishers should not be able to find our work online, outside of short excerpts.


Yeah, as someone who is working to get into publishing (selling shorts and querying novels), that’s my main concern.


Unless things changed when I wasn’t looking, you aren’t supposed to post your writing directly on the forums anyway, other than short excerpts. The only forum I see as a possible exception is Aftercare.


Well, we’ve got those nifty insert and delete tags now, so I assume that people are gonna want to use them.

And even rough excerpts may be things writers don’t want seen.


There isn’t an option in your poll for my answer: I knew the site was private but didn’t really care either way.

Since I think it was my post that kind of brought this issue into the spotlight, I’m going to agree with everything in the OP and the majority of posts so far: I am not comfortable posting on a forum where people do not have to be logged in to read/write. Of course, I am not everyone, but I’m going to add my voice to that side of things.

My personal, iffy internet experiences as a queer POC who writes queer, graphic, erotic fiction give me sufficient reasons for pause.

Even becoming ML is something that I’m still conflicted about, and I still consider stepping down because of my writing content. And that’s just a “small” group of Wrimos.


Yeah, realized right after posting. Can’t edit polls after they go live and posting it from my phone was a trip.

“Didn’t know didn’t care” of the closest to "knew didn’t care "

Per the #novel-draft-aftercare:critiques-feedback sticky (which FYI, isn’t particularly up to date)

Previously, before that forum was created, this just wasn’t the place to post work for critique. Even if you found betas here, I believe you were supposed to post to an external site (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Pastebin) where you had complete control over your work.

I think locking down #novel-draft-aftercare would alleviate most of the issues, while still allowing the lurker access that may encourage future participation.

Not interested in arguing with you.

Simple fact–if we are, now or whenever, allowed to post from our WIPs, those places need to be private.


I wanted to point out the discussion has been rather one sided.

Opening back up the site to the public would make the forums indexed by Google again. People could search for POV help, worldbuilding tips, or the multitude of topics covered in #reference-desk and be lead to one of our threads and they might think “Hey this is a cool site I could join”. That’s increased participation that we’ve been unable to get for several years now (I can’t remember when we locked down the site).

I know you all want this to be a safe place for you to post and discuss your work, but we need new people to join the event too. Over the past ten years I’ve been doing NaNo we’ve lost almost all of our local write in hosts. We’re not talking about people who just participated, we’re talking about people who spent money getting prizes for their write ins, we’re actively talking about NaNo in the off-season (hosting during camps) and gave money to HQ. Some may still be doing NaNo elsewhere, but many of them just stopped and we’ve struggled the last couple of years to find people with that enthusiasm. The site and the forums are the best thing we have to promote NaNoWriMo and we haven’t been able to use them effectively.

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