The Writer's Quick List

Hey everyone! So, for the past…six or seven years, I’ve been curating the Writer’s Quick List. It is a treasure trove of helpful information on a pretty much everything you could possibly need to have a successful NaNo…or just be a better writer in general.

You can find the Quick List here:

And as always: let me know if links have become broken or if you have suggestions for other inclusions or new areas of interest. You can do so by making an edit to the document or sending me a PM. Thank you, and enjoy!


I can’t open the file. It tells me it’s protected?

Well, that’s not right at all. All of my settings still seem to be set as public… Try this non-short link:

It worked just fine for me yesterday.

So, it may have grabbed an “edit” link yesterday instead of the usual Tiny URL one. I have swapped that link for now so let me know if that doesn’t work. Otherwise, the “long” link should always work! Weird that others didn’t have any issue with it. :thinking:

Weird! If I tap the link it doesn’t work. If I long hold and open in chrome it does.

Got it now, thanks!! I am always trying to collect resources for my “hive mind” thread. :slight_smile:

No problem. Glad it’s working for you now!

OH MY WORD, this is the motherload!