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Because, ahem, some of us are snooty tea drinkers. I noticed a lot of tea in the coffee thread, so discuss tea. How do you take your tea? Milk? Sugar? Plain? Tea bags or loose leaf? What’s your absolute favorite tea? Got a cute infuser?

For fun, what’s your favorite type of tea?

  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Oolong
  • Herbal
  • Other

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Black and green mix.

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I put in oolong, as it is hard to find (so a rare delicacy). Tea shelves are filled with line upon line of flower and fruit scented teas (and usually bags). The only scented ones I like are Earl grey (both black and green) and jasmine. And loose leaf! No well-weathered bags giving a taste resembling a sauna whisk soaked in water (dry birch leaves).


Herbal / fruit teas for me. My favourites are Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, and Apple & Cinnamon.

I do quite like green tea though, especially the flavoured ones. I have a Strawberry Cucumber Green Tea at the moment which is the perfect taste for summer. :tea:

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I’m usually a black tea fan myself, although I’m slowly turning to the dark side of coffee. Coffee is coffee, but there are so many varieteas of tea.

As for infusers, I have a cat one where the cat hangs on the side of the mug and the infuser itself is a fish.


Mmm, tea.

I have a whole tea set at my work desk. Pot, cup, strainer, saucer. I drink almost all varieties, but I love chai and herbal varieties. Fav is the greek mountain tea. Very similar to chamomile, but we use the whole stalk and leaves.


that sounds so cute! I’ve been putting “cute infuser” on xmas lists for years, thinking it’d be a good stocking stuffer. Alas, I have not gotten one.


I’ll drink black, white, red, oolong, and certain herbal teas. Green tea I have yet to find one that tastes good. And peppermint is meant for toothpaste (it’s ruined me on anything I want to ingest with it! :angry:).

I have a Tardis infuser that I love for my loose leaves. One of these:


This brings up a great visual image: The tea set at your work desk.
(Note that I attempted to include the tea emoji without success).

Editing: I selected white tea because some of the mildest fruit teas (mango and peach come to mind) seem to be best in loose white tea.


My favorite tea infusers are the simplest, shaped like a spoon with a perforated top that opens and closes. I only leave the infuser in for a couple minutes, then place it a custard cup to drain.

Keep requesting it as a stocking stuffer! Maybe your gift-givers :wink:need more detailed instructions . . .

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I put in “Other”, because I enjoy red/rooibos teas, but really, I like almost every type of tea (save Earl Grey and chamomile). [For example, I’m very fond of brown rice green tea - the brown rice gives it a lovely nutty flavour.]

I drink my black teas with milk (and sugar if it’s a fruity tea), my green teas plain (unless I’ve got a sore throat, in which case I like lemon green teas with honey), my red teas either plain or with milk, my herbal teas mostly with sugar (for fruity teas) or plain, and my white teas with sugar or plain. (I haven’t had very much in the way of white teas, but what I have had I enjoy.)

I also like tea lattes - chai and green/matcha. (As I mentioned above, I don’t like Earl Grey, so I don’t care for London Fog.)

Interesting side note - if you get tea with milk in Costa Rica (tea con leche), they essentially give you a tea latte - steamed milk with a tea bag. :grin:


Black, Green, White, Oolong, Pu-Erh, Herbals… basically all teas except rooibos - that stuff’s nasty.

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My favorite blends are from my local afternoon tea spot: Across a Crowded Room, which is a black tea with pomegranate, candy hearts, and vanilla; and a caramel pu-erh with vanilla and rose called the James Bond. I recommend the latter to any coffee drinkers who aren’t sure about tea.

Black tea in general is where it’s at for me. My favorite grocery store bag tea is Tetley’s British Blend!

Also, obligatory SE Asian post, but milk tea and boba are common indulgences for me… nothing beats a brown sugar or rose milk tea. Or even just a basic Thai tea. Aaaaah~ I’m a simple bean when it comes to tea and milk tea. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love all teas, but I drink black tea the most. Usually loose tea, but I’ll drink tea bag tea also. I usually put sugar in black tea, but most other types I take plain.


Mmmm, boba. There’s a boba and pastry place about a mile from my work and I’m there at least once a week doing client work or writing or anything else. Unfortunately their wifi has been giving me trouble lately…


I put Oolong in the survey, but I generally like all teas. My go-tos tend to be an Earl Grey blend with lavender, jasmine, Oolong, or chamomile- it depends on how I’m feeling and what’s in the cabinet. I also stick with looseleaf as much as possible and I drink mine plain.

My at home infuser is just one of the metal egg-shaped ones with a chain you can loop around the handle on your mug, but my one at work is a silicone llama. His head pokes over the top of the cup when he’s standing on the bottom. I’ve had my eye on one shaped like a plesiosaur too!


I LOVE fruit and herbal teas. There is a Yogi Tangerine tea I am fond of. We call it “pointed tea” because it comes with a bit of wisdom.

I take it with sugar or concentrated raspberry Holy Honey.

I just bought a bunch of tea infusers for when I do loose leaf. I live my little Nessie best.

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And of course, I completely forgot to answer the tea bag vs loose leaf question!

I grew up with tea bags (I felt so adult when at age 10 I was allowed to start drinking tea), but I admit to having a definite preference for loose leaf (at least when I have the money for it).

I have a single mug infuser pot (aka just dump the loose leaf in, then push the bottom against the rim of your cup/mug when it’s steeped), two metal teapot (and flask) infusers (the metal cylinder that balances on the rim of the pot), some “make your own tea bag” things, and a couple of other metal infusers (the egg-shaped ones with either the chain or the straight handle).

[Off-topic comment: And apparently I like giving really wordy answers to questions. :grin:]

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Oh, I so want the llama infuser! It was actually seeing one in a store in Vegas the other day that made me start this thread. :star_struck:

My current one is umbrella-shaped and the handle of the umbrella hooks over the rim of the cup. lol


Usually drink black teas. We try to keep PG Tips on hand along with Oolong, Irish Breakfast tea and Darjeeling. My daughter brought home some fresh picked tea (April) from China. When she told her co-workers she wanted to bring tea home to the family they presented her with the tea in beautiful ceramic jars.