The Lunar Chronicles

For anyone who is a fan of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer!

Me!!! :grin: :crescent_moon:

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I’m here! Favorite characters? I adore Iko, Scarlet and Thorne

Scarlet and Cinder, definitely. Maybe Kai too :smiley:

I love them!
Kai, Thorne, and Cress are my favorites!

Mm, my favorite is Wolf…

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I adore the series! Enough that I went out and bought it… in hardback. Something I haven’t done since the HP series.

My favorite character is probably Cress. Followed closely by Thorne and Winter. I like them all to some extent, but if we’re talking my top three only it’d have to be those three.

I almost said Wolf! Up until the final book I would have said he was tied with Cress for my favorite.

This is my favorite series. Honestly all the characters are fabulous but I lovedddd Winter. I’m usually partial to insane characters though. She was so precious and sweet and tragic. :sob::blue_heart:

It’s probably the only series where I’ve rated each and every book 5 stars. It’s brilliant, plus Levana is everything I could ever want in a villain.

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