The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m currently obsessed with this, so I figured a new thread would be good!

I finally beat BOTW, and then started a Master Mode game, since it’d been so long since I finished the first half of it. It was bloody HARD, and was complaining about how ridiculous it was. Now though, After a couple of divine beasts, I barely notice the differences, and enjoy the extra challenge and availability of really nice items. There’s monsters all over the place on floating balloon platforms. They fire elemental arrows (and sometimes drop them) and almost always have better-than-average weapons.

I had the distinct pleasure of walking up to one with Majora’s Mask on, using Magnesis to pick up the chest, and it started screaming… and jumped into the chasm under Tabantha Bridge. lol.

I even rushed through to get the master sword, since I knew that’s the best way to beat stalker guardians. I’m trying to learn to perfect parry and dodge, but I’m really just no good at them (and frankly, my wonky joy con drift is making them hard to do.)


I need to get back to this again. I beat it, then went on to try and find more shrines and side quests. I think the last thing I did was build that town. BOTW is such a good game. I’m just not very good at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t played in a long while (at least not more than 30 minutes, anyway), and I still have to beat one last guardian beast. For some reason I keep putting it off. I think I just don’t want the game to end, haha. Despite everything I still have to do…

I love just exploring, even with all the monsters unpleasantly surprising me. Boooo. Something I enjoy in a lot of games, and luckily, people who make games seem to be listening to those of us who like that. [stares pointedly at RDR2]

…Sidon is my fish husband tho. Just puttin that out there. :eyes:

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(Which Guardian do you have to go?)

The camel! I need to stop putting it off but other games keep getting in my way. :confounded:

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One thing I don’t like about Master Mode: Gold monsters.

Just… no.

You spend less time fighting and more time sneaking around; the loss of weapons to tough monsters usually isn’t worth the meager rewards you get for them.

I loved getting to the camel! I also think that I enjoyed the gimmick in that one the most, but that’s not saying much because I got frustrated in every single Guardian “dungeon”. Mainly because I would miss one thing and run around forever before finding the thing. But the fight at the end of each was always worth it. SO MUCH FUN.

(Now, let’s see if I can do this properly.)

Favourite two Champions, go!

  • Revali
  • Daruk
  • Mipha
  • Urbosa

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Straight up Rivali. I love the whole “You’re the chosen hero? Good, let’s take you down a peg. or four.”

The guardian bosses were always funny (I like the fire one the best, bombing him like a Dodongo?) I was all freaked out the first time, thinking I’m never going to get this, and they’re just… easy. The lightning one wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made him out to be.

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Revali is my first pick too. I thought he was hilarious. Really wish we could have gotten more of him.

Let me think… I did Vah Medoh, then Vah Ruta, Vah Naboris, and finally Vah Rudania. I did not like getting to Rudania. I’ll bomb people all the time, but the escort mission? Not my preferred game to play.

Daruk makes me feel happy and safe. I love the big dork.

And… yes, Revali. I love jerks, too. What can I say, I’m all over the place.

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My fav has to be Mipha, only because her Guardian Beast was the first one I beat and it was easy. Though I gotta say Revali being mean to Link is funny to me.

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I picked up this game again after a long absence recently to play it in VR mode on my Labo. It’s not the most comfortable experience (I basically lay on the floor with it resting on my face and use a Pro controller to play) and the resolution is notably low, but the 3-D effect was quite the experience. Maybe if I can attach a strap to the headset, I’ll try playing some more with it.

I still have the motorbike and other DLC bits to complete, so I’m debating getting back into the game so I can fully complete it (once I have the time to dedicate to it, that is).

It’s been a while since I’ve played this game. I’ve been meaning to start the master mode, if only to see the difference in difficulty.
Would not go the perfectionist route with it though. Solving 120 shrines and gathering all 900 korok-seeds once was enough. But, the dungeons and Calamity Ganon, perhaps.

Anyone exited about the sequel they announced at E3 this year? No release date yet, so plenty of time to replay the first game before that.

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I’m hyped for the sequel. Well, not right now, since the last news are kinda old now and I’m currently playing the first one again, so … I’m definitely excited, yes :slight_smile:
As for BotW itself, I’ve played it twice each year since it came out, although I’m still at my first playthrough for 2019. Couldn’t really find much time and now that I’ve got time, I’m playing other games.
I bought the DLC sometime during this playthrough, too, so I got even more to do now. Collecting all the korok seeds once was enough, though, so I probably won’t do that again (even if the mask makes it the tiniest bit easier). Still, I always beat all the shrines with their extra chests (that hammer minigame won’t get easier :confused: ), defeat the dungeons and finish each quest. I can find most of the memories without looking at the map now, even with my terrible recollection capabilities ^^
I hope I’ll be able to try and finish Master Mode some time later this year

I got this as a present a bit ago, but haven’t managed to actually get to playing it yet. First life got in the way and now FE lured me in. This is definitely next on the list, considering I’ve been playing Zelda since I was little.

I have two questions for those of you who played it.

Is it playable in handheld mode? I mostly use my switch like a glorified 3DS really. But I really wonder if this game is playable in handheld, or really needs the bigger screen.

And is the weapon degradation really as bad as I heard? If so, I might have to steel myself for some serious irritation.

I’ve definitely played it a bit in handheld mode and didn’t notice any issues (other than perhaps battery life). There is something to playing it on a large screen with surround sound, but it’s mostly immersion at that point.

Kind of? There’s a point during the game where you get a more “reliable” weapon, but I think it mostly just forced me to play somewhat differently (using bombs and stealth more than just charging in, swords a’ blazin’).

That’s good to know. Thanks. I don’t mind stealth. I actually tend to prefer it when the option is there. So that’s reassuring.

And yeah the battery is the big downside of the Switch, sadly. I’ve gotten used to often playing it plugged in. I was more worried that you needed the bigger scope of the screen for playing it. Since I’ve yet to actually set the dock up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually play my switch more often than not in handheld mode. I don’t really have too much of an issue with the battery life. Given what you get, it’s about what I would expect for a high-performance device. Watch your screen brightness, it really does make a difference.

It plays BOTW beautifully.

The weapon degradation is obnoxious. I honestly don’t like it as a mechanic. BUT… I’ll say it encourages you to think differently about how you use your weapons (waiting ten minutes for the master sword to recharge rather than jumping on the next Guardian immediately and using a ton of weapons to do so) and spend resources. I’ve spend more korok seeds on my weapon slots than anything, and I almost never use shields, so I only have a few of those.

It’s interesting, but sometimes it’s dumb. It’s bloody awful in master mode, though. You flat out refuse to fight most stuff because it’s just not worth it.

I totally get the limitations on the battery. I just usually have (far too) long gaming sessions, so I often end up having to plug it in anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s decent for what the Switch can do. Still longer would be nicer. I hear the new one does better, but I can’t justify buying a new one just for that. I think I have my screen brightness down, but might be good idea to check again anyway.

I’m glad it’s playable in handheld though. Since I can’t as often take over the TV as I can play it handheld.

Yeah I’m never a big fan of weapon degradation. But some games it worse than others. At least knowing it ahead of time, will hopefully make me less annoyed with it. (Hah!)

Will definitely be back here at some point to geek out/gripe about things.