The Elder Scrolls

Anyone else here playing some Skyrim, or any other Elder Scrolls games? I’ve gone through most of the major quest lines in my save file, so I’ve started just picking random points on the map and entering any caves, forts, or other locations that catch my eye.

Usually it leads to me spending quite a bit of time trying to scale a mountain to get to an unidentified marker on my map, to find out that there was a path right beside me that would’ve saved me around 5 minutes of time :laughing:


If we expand it from “Skyrim” to “Elder Scrolls games in general”, then yes! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a big fan of the series/world and know an unhealthy amount of lore. I’ve completed the main quests of Morrowind and Oblivion, but somehow have played more hours of Skyrim without ever completing the main quest. Go figure.

Currently, I’m playing a lot of Blades, the mobile game… even though it’s driving me crazy from a lore perspective. The dragons are just… skjdhfkjdshfk. Not particularly lore-friendly.

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I’ve changed it to the Elder Scrolls in general! I have Oblivion too, but haven’t gone past the tutorial since I know that it’s the kind of game that I could easily sink hours of play time into without realizing how long it’s been since I’ve last slept :sweat_smile: So I’ve been saving it for when I have some more time available, which will probably be this November or December. I’m most looking forward to seeing how the Dark Brotherhood quest line is!

Yeah I’ve heard that the dragons in Blades are not lore friendly at all haha

Oh god I’ve been back into Skyrim recently. I realized I never completed the Dawnguard DLC, so I went back to my PS4 copy to play through it and got re-obsessed with the whole game. It’s that Thieves Guild quest line, it sucks me back in every time, haha.

I snagged Morrowind a while back for a great deal, but I’ve yet to complete the main quest.


I’d say that I don’t play much at the moment but I still play a few rounds of The Elder Scrolls: Legends every single morning. I’ve put in thousands of hours of play between the various games.

I need to finish my Oblivion fanfic but this requires actually playing Oblivion.

I wanted to like The Elder Scrolls Online but I hate the classes.

I know you can start lengthy arguments on teslore reddit just by mentioning CHIM.

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I love Elder Scrolls, especially Skyrim, even though I don’t personally own any of the games. I used to play Oblivion with a childhood friend - and since then I’ve mostly watched a ton of Let’s Plays and such videos from Youtube. I’d love to play them myself, like really play - but so far I haven’t got the opportunity. Skyrim, though, is definitely one of my ES favourites, even through watching others play. I just love how massive the world is and how much there is lore-wise. I’m not much of a gamer but Skyrim is definitely on my “I wish I have a chance to play” list. At the moment I just don’t have any console at all, and I don’t like playing on PC.

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Elder Scrolls is fun! I’ve mostly played Skyrim but also ESO and Oblivion. Don’t know if I’m going to play the older games because even Oblivion is kind of… wonky.

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Same, the Thieves Guild is my favorite quest line, and is the only reason why I haven’t been able to play a lawful good character in the game, like I keep planning too. XD

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I discovered Skyrim through a friend inviting me over and letting me play it on her XBox. We had so much fun that weekend, and so about 6 months later (after watching tons of videos on Skyrim), I decided to buy a 360 second-hand in order to play it. This was at around the time of the XBox 1 release, so a ton of people were selling them at a good price second-hand, but now you can get them for even less money.

@Misto I have to admit, the wonkyness of Oblivion is one of the main reasons why I want to try playing it :joy:

I have all the TES games. Technically. I have a box where they all are, but I have only Skyrim and Oblivion installed, and those I bought from Steam long before I bought the box.

I bought Skyrim only because friend of mine had began playing it earlier that year. Then she let me try it out one time and I was like I NEED THIS GAME NOW. Of course, that happened to be during The NaNo Month. So you can imagine my dilemma there. Then came Steam sale and I was like “I’ll buy it if I get to my goal” but I bought it before I got to my goal, because you know, Steam sale. I stared playing it the moment November was over.

It’s been four years and some 1300 hours later. I had a six month gap this year., only because I moved in to a literal box (long story that) and only recently plugged in my PC again.

Anyway. I have played Skyrim through only once with one character. He’s still my favourite, but I’ve since moved on to several others. With my current character I’m just mostly wandering around, exploring caves and stealing cabbages… With the other characters I usually just avoid completeing the main quest, because blah, I don’t want to destroy Whiterun. I do use mods that could fix that part but eh… The whole “war” is pointless anyway.

Thieves Guild is my favourite too, but I hate Brynjolf so, so much. One of these days I’ll find a mod that makes him shut up… With my current character I haven’t started the quest, and I can’t go to Riften without that annoying guy flapping his mouth there…

I also like Dark Brotherhood, but been thinking that maybe this time I just could go and kill Astrid because she is also annoying. I also hate it that they send assassins after me just because SOMEONE started blabbing to my character about Aventus… Stupid NPC’s, keep your mouths shut when I’m not even talking to you.

As for Oblivion. I haven’t played it much but that is because it is wonky, as @Misto said. I have only 6 hours play time on it. I do like it, it definitely has it’s charm, but I feel like I really need a better PC to keep playing it. It runs somewhat wonkily on my PC, and keeps crashing. I like the story in that one, and I did for a long time try to avoid spoiling myself, but then I read the two novels, and yeah… I mean, even in Skyrim I had managed to avoid most thing regarinf about the Oblivion, but couldn’t resist reading the first novel that game with the box…

And the rest I haven’t installed, but as I said, I need a better PC for gaming. I do have Skyrim’s SE version too, but its so jerky that you’d think everything’s in robotic-mode… But yes, I would lvoe to get to play the rest in the series too. Except for ESO. The whole multi-player things just not for me, I like to do my own thing… I might try Blades, but I already have too many games on my devices that eat all the battery…

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My modded Skyrim file got corrupted, and I haven’t started a new one. Must have a 3 month mourning period :frowning:

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@Zairah Ugh yes, Brynjolf annoys me so much when he’s waiting for you to start the Thieves Guild quest. Usually I start it just to get him to go to the Flagon instead of hanging out in town, but then I get sucked in and end up doing a bunch of the quest line in one shot. Usually. I’m not a huge fan of having to infiltrate that bee farm, so sometimes I’ll procrastinate doing that one.

@Penguinball That sucks, and I sympathize with how you feel. I hope your mourning period goes well and is cathartic for you. :heart:

I have the 5-game box set and ESO. Of the single-player gamesfrom the box set, I’ve finished all but Daggerfall. Oblivion and Skyrim are my favorites. I finally went back and finished my last couple achievements for Skyrim to 100% complete. (Vampire Mastered, Dragonrider, and the Lockpick & Pickpocket, since I always picked enough locks, but never bothered to pickpocket previously.)

I’m big into the hardcore roleplay mods. RND, Frostfall, Wet & Cold, Arena Legacy Cities, Alternate Start… I actually have to redo my modlist from scratch because I found out there’s a new religion mod to replace the one I’ve been using that fixes some of its flaws (such as only having divines and daedra instead of the racial/regional deities). Oh, and I have a class/race mod that kind of puts skillups/leveling halfway between Oblivion’s restrictive system and Skyrim’s free-for-all.


@Zairah @CozyRebekah – Provided you’re playing vanilla Skyrim/Legendary Edition/Oldrim (ie, not SE) on PC, Thieves Guild Requirements should fix that problem.I don’t know if a mod for Special Edition on PC or XBone exists. It doesn’t necessarily stop him from trying to recruit…it just puts a requirement on him doing so. You have to have a certain sneak skill, and you have to have picked pockets and stolen items before he’ll do it, in other words, he’ll only try to recruit a thief into the thieves guild.

I’ve used it on my lawful characters because seriously, Brynjolf’s forced grab of your attention and insistant recruitment is the single most annoying quest in the entire game for me. This is the only mod of this type that I can personally vouch for, so it’s the only one I’m listing.

Beware… This WILL clash with some other Thieves Guild mods, especially overhauls. It definitely clashes with Destroy or Disband The Thieves’ Guild.

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Ooo, of all the mods I haven’t found that one. Or maybe I had but forgot about it. Whatever, I’ll check this one out. Hopefully it stops Brynjolf bugging me all the time I’m in Riften. But first I have to check the other mods I have installed to see if it clashes with any of those…

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Oh gosh, I hate Brynjolf, too. Well, I’ve only watched Let’s Plays but I still just want him to shut up. He’s just suoer annoying.

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Thanks for the mod recommendation! I actually really like that idea of him only trying to recruit a proper thief into the guild, instead of just any random passerby. It really irks me when I’ve started a run with what’s supposed to be a lawful good character, and I get to Riften and he’s all “Never done an honest days work for all that coin you’re carrying, eh lass/lad?” (yes, it’s gotten to the point where I have that line memorized).

Meanwhile I’ve been collecting bounties and helping out the citizens of Skyrim, making coin in a very honest way of work.

Yup. This is my exact problem. My last character started as a rogue type who eventually had a redemption arc, mainly because I was trying to get thief and vampire achievements, since that was most of what I needed to 100% complete, but I usually run lawful characters, so I don’t much want him forcibly recruiting them. At least with the Dark Brotherhood, you had to assassinate someone before they came looking to recruit you by force.

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At the very least, I can confirm that it works with “New Thieves Guild Members” and “Brynjolf and Vex Thieves Guild Followers.” Anything that changes the appearance of Shadowmarks or the appearance of Riften should be fine too. It’s pretty narrow and doesn’t alter all that much, so as long as you don’t have any type of “More Intensive Thieves Guild” or “Destroy the Thieves Guild” mods, you should be fine.


It specifically changes the requirements to trigger TG00 (“A Chance Arrangement”) and the number of radiant quests required after TG02 (“Loud and Clear”) and TG03 (“Dampened Spirits”) if you fail them. It also alters the NPC Ri’saad, making him an alternative to Vex for Unusual Gems.


Elder Scrolls? Count me in! I’ve been a fan since Oblivion, which I still have installed and occassionally play. Ofc I love Skyrim too. I actually really would like to play it again but I fear that if I start now I won’t be able to stop for quite some time, and that’s not good bc I’m currently travelling around and have things to see outside. However I might make some time soon.
I have played Morrowind too but that has been very long ago. One time I want to play it again bc I forgot so much about it and only remember that I liked it a lot.
All in all though Oblivion and Skyrim are the games I most enjoy - even though Oblivion is kind of a wonky and funky adventure at times, I still think it got some of the best side quests in any game.

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