Teen Wolf

Hi there,
I’m still pretty much invested in Teen Wolf and I’m going to work on my two current stories this November.
Anybody with me?

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I’m not writing a Teen Wolf fic for NaNo, but I do read and write quite a bit otherwise :smile:

What are your two stories about?

The first one is a sequel. In this series, Derek meets Stiles on a BDSM dating site and gets a bit blindsided by the fact that Stiles is a dom in a wheelchair. It is more about the plot, promise.
In the sequel, they want to move in together and meet an estate manager and her mute daughter. This one is about found family.

The other story is Steter. Peter meets Stiles when he tries to dump a body at Stiles’ lake (well, technically it’s Derek’s lake but semantics)

Both stories are ongoing and already on AO3

Do you have plans for November yet?

Found family is the best :wink:

Yep! I’m writing a YA contemporary novel about the transition from high school to college.

That’s a scary step in life.
Want to share some details?

Not sure if this will work, since it seems like it won’t actually show the details? But here’s a link to my project page, and hopefully it all shows up.

I can see the cover but nothing else. But the cover looks cool