Talk to other users

One setting that probably needs adjusting:

That came as I came in the morning and was answering messages that came after I’d gone to bed (random chat messages)
I remember some discussions going mainly between two persons in the old forums. Real discussions on some serious subject matter, giving information for others. That “three answers in a row” comes soon!

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LOL, that seems more than a little condescending of Discourse. Dang, let people talk to each other! :joy:


I can see what the idea is: don’t grab a thread for private discussion. But three is pretty low number. I can see how very easily you get two people alternatively adding information on a subject.

And those were not even parts of a continuous discussion: Sv had commented random messages at night, and I commented on them (in that “Finland region chat tread” that’s already grown into a whale).


I can definitely see where it is coming from, but yes, 3 is a very low limit.

Yep. It has NOT been me and Kataja talking to each other and no-one else by any means! Everyone replies to everyone else’s comments, certainly no-one excluded or left out. And everyone can jump in, it’s open to us all.

Yeah. So it’s not even catching a thread A - B - A - B - A - B, but my answers were all to different subthreads.

And when people are not there at the same time, you easily find yourself answering several messages and your answers are then in a row.


On the flip side, this message did stop me in my tracks when I was having a bit of a back-and-forth with another member–it made me go, hold up, do I really need to keep dragging this disagreement out? and encouraged me to drop it. So I think there’s value in it as well–but maybe up the number more than 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

(although, for what it’s worth, I think once you dismiss it, it goes away permanently? I’m not sure on that actually… maybe I should experiment)


You can hit esc to dismiss it. I don’t think it can be changed (I’ve looked through settings) but it’s a relatively harmless reminder. There are no penalties if you ignore it.

Edit: I lied. I should know Discourse has a setting for everything, lol. I’ve changed it to 10.