Switch It Up September

September is in the air and things are changing all around us (unless you live in Los Angeles, in which case, you have another month of deadly hot, rainless weather).

Come by and tell us your plans for the month. Tell us your non-goals for the month. Tell us about your cats! Are you getting ready for NaNo? It’s less than 9 Weeks away!


I’m doing a fair bit of detailed worldbuilding, as I prep to rewrite (and hopefully finish) a novel that I started in… 2011? Can’t remember, will have to check… July 2012, actually, according to my projects list. Yeah. I’ve played with it a few times since, but I keep getting stuck early on. And since @krikkit_war_robot introduced me to WorldAnvil.com, I’m doing a lot more playing around with the details before I get to work. (It’s the one I’ve talked about a fair bit in the Worldbuilding forum.)

My puddy tat is doing well, and I think is as relieved as I am that the deadly summer heat (that we had for… two weeks? three?) is going away. Hopefully. And she’s been extra affectionate the last few days. (Maybe because I’m taking care of my parents’ cat again this long weekend, and they have never gotten along.) :smiley_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

Other than that, not much in the way of plans. But I like telling people about my cat! :wink:


Let’s see if I can do remotely better this month. (that shouldn’t be hard)

  • Lose weight (lets make a real goal of being at 240)
  • Finish my revision to some degree so I know where to start in November
  • Outline all of my sequel projects
  • Finish a game (I’d be fine with replay a game cause I haven’t had time!)
  • Have a surplus of cash in my budget.
  • Get older on 2019-09-28T07:00:00Z (I’m just screwing around with this feature)
  • Get to sleep at a reasonable hour
  • Watch a show from start to finish.
  • Something something those AutoCAD lessons

The surplus cash is because i bought my tickets to go home for Christmas… so I need to hold off on any purchases I was planning. No buying a Switch for me yet! At least my car is apparently in great condition… funny what happens when it’s made in this millennium.

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  • Finish editing Guardian, no but for real this time
  • Read at least three books about writing, publishing, and/or marketing
  • Watch Good Omens again
  • Don’t buy any more plants
  • Finish ripping out the devil grass
  • Call my mom and my Nana every week
  • Don’t get exhaustion sickness again

That last one is going to be hard. I don’t get much sleep these days. Also, the plants thing because I really want more plants.

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My goals for September:

  • Continue to stay ahead in grad class work
  • Daily sub for middle school classes (and plan enough so that I don’t feel burnt out from everything going on this month)
  • Go see two concerts (REO Speedwagon and Collective Soul)
  • Continue searching and applying for teaching jobs
  • Continue watching Fruits Basket 2019 each week for the rest of the 1st season (two or three more episodes)
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How does it compare to the original anime (if you watched that)? I I really enjoyed it, and although I’m slowly working through the manga, I haven’t caught the new series yet.

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The new series is great! The beginning of the new series was very similar to the old series. Although, in those eps, the new series adds some scenes that are not in the manga or old series. The beginning also follows the manga pretty closely. Like, I could read the manga alongside the new anime. There’s been a few filler episodes lately (backstory episodes about Tohru’s friends). Also, they kind of introduced all the newer zodiacs (Kisa, Hiro, and Ritsu) in one big clump of episodes.

I’ve been watching it in dub and pretty much the entirety of the original dub cast returned to voice their characters again, which is pretty cool. Overall, I like the new series a lot. I definitely recommend checking it out sometime when you get a chance! :slight_smile:


That reminds me. I need a plant. For my room. I think There’s a lack of oxygen in here. It’s all too sealed in here.


Rosemary is extremely difficult to kill.


Ummmm… Let’s see:

  • Keep writing.
  • Finish this ridiculous war in this story. Somehow.
  • Maybe lose a few pounds (not too much)
  • Rearrange my sleeping habits (not going so well since this forum is now a thing for real :laughing:)

That’s the short list. If I include the full list, it might take a while.

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Alright, plans for September!

  • Finish the first draft of current novel
  • Start general edits ready to do a full draft edit in November
  • Plan lessons in advance for tutoring
  • Have first face to face meeting with tutee once settled into school
  • Errand running (get hair cut, check prices for bus pass etc.)
  • GP appointment for SAD and upping anti depressants for winter, and finally asking to get referred to gender clinic!
  • Try not to die in Freshers
  • Finish reading ready for 2nd year of uni



I dunno… I have killed rosemary in the past…

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Honestly, so have I…
bows head in shame


My plans for September:

  • Rewrote/edit Vääriä Rakkauksia (Wrong Loves)
  • Keep studying with Slugsley 2
  • Try to keep life in order
  • (Publish Slugsley Inn & Slugsley 2)
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Less than 9 weeks. You said LESS? But…but…but, I don’t even have an idea of what to write on November.
Maybe I should then take a goal to find such idea. Hmmmm


Great thread. Let’s see…

  • Write 200 words per day on average (I’ve been really slacking on this one the last months)
  • Not just play the guitar but also do my exercises to improve
  • Build more muscle. Why are pull-ups so hard!!!
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Welcome to September, everyone.

I’ll post a few of my goals and see what I can achieve.

  1. Work with my resistance bands everyday.
  2. Work with my hand weights everyday.
  3. Do at least four hours of tax class work each week.
  4. Write at least 800 words each day.

Let’s see how that goes.
And just to let everyone know, there’s another monthly thread called Stupendous September. Feel free to come and visit us there if you want. No one says that you can’t.

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Ah, let’s see…

  • Move in with my girlfriend at last!
  • Throw a housewarming party when we’ve moved everything. Board games and pizza will be involved.
  • Keep working on a potential outline for November. I say potential, because I know my characters can and will throw it out the window eventually, but I like to pretend I know where I’m headed.
  • Get that long overdue haircut.
  • Take at least one of my BJDs out for a photoshoot. It’s finally fall, after all.
  • Sew some doll clothes.
  • Take a breather and get settled in nice before Preptober/Inktober.