Where are my fellow superhero writers at? What are your favorite superhero books?

I’m really enjoying CB Lee’s Not Your Sidekick series, and Austin Grossman’s Soon I Will Be Invincible, but I’m always on the lookout for other superhero books!

I’m probably not writing any of it this year, but I’m slowly plotting out a couple superhero ideas, including the rewrite of my first NaNo which was full of superheroes (also - my first NaNo - you can imagine how well that novel turned out)

I have a strange obsession with Robins. All of them. I don’t know why. I constantly change my mind which one I actually like. Is it wrong to name a child (or a character, who would have been named by their father) after the screw up Robin that died? And actively murders people?

I debate this daily.

Since all I seem to be writing is Miraculous Ladybug fanfic…

A brief google search suggests to me that that counts! Welcome aboard the SS Superheroes, here’s your cape NO CAPES! Er… your mask and bulletproof leotard??

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Superman gets a cape because he can tear it off it gets caught in something

Batman gets a cape because he’s the goddamn Batman.


Nobody tells Batman he can’t Batman however he wants to.

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I’m not sure if I should counterargue by finding some scans of Alfred’s most pointed remarks or by finding the scans of the issue in which Superman tells Lois Batman is a better person than he is, Batman tells Catwoman Superman is a better person than he is, and then they run into each other in the lobby. (And then Lois introduces herself to Catwoman because the men clearly aren’t going to do anything but stare at each other.)



excuse you software who made you boss of me?


I’m writing superhero stuff this year but this thread made me realize I haven’t read much superhero stuff, just watched.

watches thread for further inspiration purposes

Honestly, same here. Realized halfway through that first nano I mentioned. Still survived

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There’s not a lot out there that isn’t Marvel or DC comics based.

Next big growth market?

There’s a ton of non-DC/Marvel. Many of them have been adapted to move and you wouldn’t know because it’s not clear they’re a superhero story.

And really all you get from actually reading the mainline comics is a convoluted storyline that makes no sense because they refuse to retire characters. Even when they do, the characters come back. Movies can’t do that (as easily at least) so they usually have more sensible stories.



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I write superheroes. Everything I’ve written since 2012 (for NaNo or anything else) is set in a secondary world where superpowers are as old as humanity itself, which leads to all sorts of complications and things. My project this year is, by those standards, fairly straightforward.

I don’t actually consume a lot of superhero media. I like the MCU, but it’s very different from what I’m trying to do. I’ve read the Reckoners trilogy (huge Sanderson fan,) and there are a few other things I want to check out, but none are quite the same as my setting.

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