Suggestion: Pagination

I would really like the ability to kill the infinite scroll and have regular pages to forum threads, if possible. Maybe as a setting people could turn on individually?


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Apparently it’s not possible without breaking some important things on the site. I still would much prefer pagination to infinite scrolling.

If anyone finds any browser extensions for pagination on Discourse I’d love to hear it though

It’s because the Discourse developers went out of their to make it as difficult as possible to enable it if you’re using a JavaScript enabled browser. Pagination does exist, but only if you have javascript turned off or are looking at the print view of a topic.

…there’s not currently one (at least not that I could find) but that might actually be possible to implement via the API.

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Wow…just did a Google search about it and yes, it seems Discourse went out of their way to force infinite scroll and pretty much do not care that numerous people have been asking for pagination for the last FIVE years @_@


Holy Crap!
That’s a dumb thing to do. :frowning:

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Agh. I too would love pagination, especially for very long threads. It’s much easier to remember a specific discussion is somewhere around page 4 than “oh, about 40% of the way down”.

But I also like physical books for the purpose of looking back, so this may be a behavior I get used to.


I have mixed feelings on this one. I’ve noticed that Discourse kind of “bookmarks” where you left off when you were last in a thread (this is a bonus, imo), but when I’m hunting for specific things I or another user said three weeks ago… Well… I have to really scroll through. But, on the other side of it, one of my problems with pagination in the past has been that someone will post a reply in a thread that can be “ninja’d” without realizing they are not on the last page, and are therefore not replying to the latest comment.

But then, I’m a goofball who will originally hate it when a social media site changes without warning (I’m looking at you, Facebook…), and then whines when those same features are taken away.


As a point of interest, search works within specific threads as well. :slight_smile: When you’re in a thread, click the search button… you have the option to restrict it to the current thread.

Like so:


Once again, I am in awe!!!

That’s one thing I wish discobot’s tutorial made clearer. He never actually tells you to use that checkbox. He just does it for you and a lot people don’t know it’s there. :slight_smile:

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve mentioned that checkbox to people who were surprised to find out it existed I could pay for the shipping on my ML shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:


One more reason to send the people behind those decisions to a long räntäloma (sleet holiday)…

(which I wanted to do because usernames are restricted to USASCII – like we were in 1989 and not 2019! Finnish: “Ranta” = ‘beach, shore’, “räntä” = ‘sleet’)

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