Stupendous September - Sharing Word Counts and Checking In!

Hey, everyone! New site, new things to see, but same old thread as ever!

As with previous months, this thread is a place for all writers to come and get support, accountability, and friendship as they share their word counts, plot/life developments, and other happenings! Whether you’re starting something new, prepping for November, continuing a WiP, or doing something else entirely, feel free to stop by! Summer may be ending, but the writing never stops!


Hi Mr Oz
Well I’ve made it so far but I can’t make head nor tail of it. I can’t see how it works at all. Thank you for managing to set up a thread, that’s so brilliant. Hope you have a better day today.


Not a fan of the layout. This will take some getting used to.

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Thanks for setting up here, Oz. This is great


I think you’ll find that it’s not so hard to maneuver around here. It’ll all fall into place for you rather quickly. I know it did for me and I’m rather slow when it comes to picking up new technological stuff. Welcome aboard, Belle.


I understand where you’re coming from, Csy. It took me a bit and I’m still not actually used to it. But it isn’t bad. I’m getting there. Slowly but steadily. Welcome aboard, Csy.

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Hi! Thanks for setting up the forum, Mr. Oz.

Well, August went pretty well. I’m almost done with Heart’s Journey; I still have two chapters left.

September Goals:

  • Finish Heart’s Journey. I tried to this week, but Hurricane Dorian blew my plans away.

  • Start on Tidings of Comfort and Joy again. I want to finish it before November so I can begin posting it in time for the holiday season.

Goals for the Next Few Days:

  • Complete preparations for Hurricane Dorian. My half of Florida is out of the cone of uncertainty. Orlando, however, is not, and the meteorologists for one station are urging people outside of the cone to not grow complacent. (The chief meteorologist called Hurricane Charley’s turn into Punta Gorda when everyone else believed it wouldn’t back in 2004. He’s been cocky since then. This time around, though, I’m inclined to believe him.) We have almost everything ready, but Dad and I have a couple of things to do if Dorian makes landfall.

  • Work on chapter 25 of Heart’s Journey


Welcome aboard. Sounds like you’re going to be quite busy for the next few days at least. I hope that you are safe and sound and stay that way.

To the whole thread: I had a movie moment this morning. Not too long ago the boyfriend and I watched the Wizard of Oz. Well, this morning I told him I was going to the kitchen to start breakfast. He asked what we were having. I said, “Waffles and sausage and eggs! Oh My!” We both got a good laugh out of that.


Thanks, Oz, for getting us over to the new site. Incidentally, the first semester of college can be full of ups and downs. As time passes, they’ll even out. My first semester was a rollercoaster.

For this month, I’ve decided to start some early planning on my November project as well as trying to revise last November’s project. I’m disappointed in August’s progress, so hopefully September will be stupendous and I can get somewhere.

Wow, I just noticed we got new emojis. Hurray!

Have a good day, everybody!

FindawalkwithGod—I can’t put the .com on it or the site won’t let me list it as a link. Don’t much care for that new rule.


Glad to see you, CR. I hope that you can get done what you plan on doing. I’ll post a rough list of my goals for this month later since I’m working on taking meds so I can get a nap in.

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This is the first time I’m using this site. I’m with Belle - lost in the snow and waiting for my hot chocolate. I am excited to use this great thread as my learning ground, though. I know all of you will be kind if I mess something up.
Thank you once again, Mr. Oz for starting this thread - and in this new territory!

Oh, and Mr. Oz, I was very behind on checking the August thread but I’d like to wish you a belated happy birthday and a wonderful long weekend.


Checking In (Sunday September 1):

—Make pasta salad
—Work on grad class assignments
—Continue preparing for middle school classes
—Start preparing for school’s “Meet The Parents Night” (on Tuesday when we get back from break)
—Work on LTS application
—Read ITHOTG, if time
—Closing gas station attendant shift

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Welcome to September, everyone.

I’ll post a few of my goals and see what I can achieve.
1.Work with my resistance bands everyday.
2.Work with my hand weights everyday.
3.Do at least four hours of tax class work each week.
4.Write at least 800 words each day.

Let’s see how that goes.

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Hello, new thread and new website!

I started bullet journaling the other day after learning that, contrary to what I assumed, you don’t have to spend time on them being artistic, and instead it’s just a flexible to-do list. Genius.
Due to that, I won’t be posting as many goals here in the mornings, but will just check in with “I did this many things today, out of this many things I wanted to do.”

I’m also trying Story a Day September, we’ll see how that goes.

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Good luck with your Story a Day goal! That sounds like a lot of fun!

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Checking in with my goals for the month.

  1. Write. Love and War specifically. My main goal remains to be done with the book before November, but knowing my pace of writing and the pace of the story that might not be the most realistic goal. This month will be the major gauge of that. If I get through all or most of the final battle by the end of the month, I’ll likely be able to finish by sometime in October. That being said, I’m not rushing things either way.

  2. Draw. This is going to be a funky one. I want to get back into original art as well as my character designs, but I feel I need to completely revamp my art style. This month’s goal there is to kinda figure that out.

  3. Relax. Above all, I want to keep my stress level to a minimum. I’ve been pretty good at that all year, and now that I’m getting into the swing of college I want to keep up that streak. It helps with my creativity, my mood, and just about everything else in my life if I’m not feeling like crap all the time.

Good luck to everyone this month! So glad to see people here!

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Hey friends! First post on the new site, yikes! I hate change… Thanks Oz for pulling us over! September will be a lot of editing and critiquing for PitchWars and my October workshop. I’m excited for both! A writer I really admire is critiquing my 1st chapter, query and summary and I need to send that tomorrow. I’m both excited and dreading it!


I feel totally lost, Jenn. I can’t see how to do anything or find anything. The first post I wrote, I touched one of the icons and it disappeared. I daren’t move!


Started September with 300746 words. Wrote the finish to chapters for Test Run and the Treasure Hunter. That will drop me to the 296k range I think. Have to go into work tonight. Will try to write on Living Weapons then, and finish the half chapters I have for Drowned and the Three Problems

Oh, I know it. We’ll just have to play around and click things and have things disappear on us and just go with it. I was wishing one change would be that it’s easy to see updates on a thread since last reading it - but no. It seems worse somehow!

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