SG-1, Atlantis, Universe… you name it. This topic is open for everything Stargate related.
So, anyone else into the Stargate like me? I just recently watched SG-1 all over again and now I’m inspired to write fic about it the next November… if only I get to finish my current project before that because I hate having several on going projects at the same time. My first nano ever back in 2007 was also Stargate fic, so coming back to fandom after 12 years feels somehow like the circle has closed now when we get the new site and all.

So yeah, feel free to talk about your ideas, wonder about plotholes in your fics and so on. I for one gladly welcome any ideas you guys might have. My main character lives n the universe where Stargate is just a tv-series (our world so to speak) and I somehow need to get her thrown into universe where it’s all real. I just have no idea how to do that since my main character doesn’t have quantum mirror, gate or anything so I’m open for ideas how to get her from one universe to the other in a way that it fits the series :sweat_smile:

I looooooove SG1! My husband and I watched the whole series together while we were dating and first married. It’s become quite dear to us, and we have many SG1 inside jokes!

I’ve never really gotten into the other shows, though.


I’m not good enough to write a stargate fanfiction, but love stargate and especially Atlantis! I have 11 siblings and we are almost all 2 years apart in age, so every two years we go through the series and get to geek out all over again!

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