Star Trek

Lets talk Star Trek!

Just remember that we all have our favorite characters, ships, and series. Please be nice to one another and remember that not everyone has seen the latest episodes of Discovery. If you want to talk about spoilers please use private messages.

AOS- The new movies (2009 and on)
TOS- The original series (60’s)
ENT- The Prequel show
DS9- Deep Space 9
TNG- The Next Generation
TAS- The Animated Series (Extension of TOS)
(Will add to it as needed.)

I’m still working on my ridiculously long AOS fic. I’ve been very easily distracted and have written many one shots and a few short series since I last even touched my long fic.


I like the original stark trek series

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Why does the glossary only have half the cannon? :sweat_smile:

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I won’t be writing Star Trek this year but I have the previous two years. I just need a break but my 2018 novel stopped at a cliffhanger, so I’ll pretty much have to continue :grin:

My favourite series ever is DS9 although I also like TNG and Discovery. Both seem a bit… preachy at times, though. But then, my favourite “race” in the Star Trek universe are the Romulans, so I’m all about grey areas.


Sisko forever!

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Interesting. I didn’t know that there was a star trek fan base here that was actually writing about it. I was wondering if anyone here has ever published their work or is the in goal just to write?

TNG, TNG. Come on, am I the only one who simply loves Data, Worf and captain Picard? And all the rest of the crew.


I’m a TNG fan. Loved the characters when the actors really got to BE them. Huge fan of Janeway as a captain along with the Voyager crew too. DS9 is in there. OS is an of course. Capt Kirk was one of my first loves.
I liked Enterprise until it felt like they were jumping the shark. Plus, the network kept moving it around. We never could find it for the last season or two. Haven’t seen Discovery.
And yes, I have some fanfic. I keep trying to decide what to do with it since I can’t self-pub any of it. Some I’ve considered just figuring out how to make it earth. other’s I’ve thought of creating my own scifi series. But mostly, I figure I might just toss them to a fanfiction site.
Was that too much? :smiley: