Spotify Playlists

Does your novel have a Spotify playlist? Or do you have any general playlists you enjoy writing along to? Share them here!

My July Camp project has two playlists - one for its soundtrack, and the other to inspire me as I write.


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I need to make a playlist for my current wip. I get to go back and relive all the music from my senior year of high school/ first year of college.

I’ll add a link once I get it set up!

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That is one solid soundtrack playlist! So spacey! :stars:

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I love making spotify playlists but one of my favorite authortubers makes amazing writing playlists! Abbiewithanie on spotify

Just realized I never even posted my own novel’s playlist despite creating the thread. :sweat_smile:

I make playlists for all the books in my Dream World Chronicles series. Let me try to link my playlist for the first book (it’s the one that’s most developed at this point)

My big playlist for my current wip is actually on youtube as I use it more (and I find youtube ads to be less grating than spotify ads), and it’s a mess with 0 order because I tend to pick a song to inspire me for a certain scene and set it on repeat. But I ended up making a nice, shorter and tidy spotify playlist a few days ago that actually even somehow follows the chronological order of the story. :smiley:

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Way, way back in 2014, I actually got Spotify just to make a playlist. It’s got a whole bunch of music that I do indeed write to - though it has nothing to do with the story (on the playlist there’s quite a bit of ABBA, Steeleye Span, and even some Doctor Who music). It didn’t help me pass in 2014, but four years later, I used it to help me write Skylark - and won.

This is my playlist for my current novel. I listen to it even when I’m not actually working on my novel, and it almost always sparks some sort of inspiration and I have to hurry for my nearest notebook.

I have just one playlist that includes all kind of feel-good music that helps me to get some words down (

Ooh yes! I have a playlist of all of my favorite songs: