Something impossible that happens in your novel

I feel like I need to add to the topic list, so I’m putting my old annual out.

Name three (3) impossible things that happen in your novel.

I’m not talking about something that is perfectly commonplace in your world. It’s not impossible to be a half-elf in a world with elves (unless that’s actually impossible). I’m thinking, lightning is striking thrice, a bowl of cereal appearing out of thin air, faster than light travel (unless this is scifi), a world without store exclusive games. You get the idea.


My editor pointed out the magical disappearing car. Parked in the woods on a dirt road ten feet wide, but none of the dozen other people who drove out there saw it.


There’s a whole bunch of lost people from another universe floating around in mine. They have no idea how or why they did this themselves, but they sometimes remember being organic individuals rather than a digital collective. They also periodically fall back on the strange mechanics of this other place, getting confused when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.


One of my characters who is very sick ends up dying, but they are preserved as a digital copy despite the fact that all power has been out for weeks. And later he hacks the system and builds himself a robotic body that is almost identical to his real body, which technologically should be impossible to cloak, but nobody realizes what he is.


My character is going to be stuck in a time warp with a famous person from history, passing back and forth from past to present. The characters computer and phone will work in the 1500’s.

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First thought: “Those must be some darn good batteries”
Second thought: “Would hate to see that phone bill”


It occurs to me I could also actually post something.

This November, genetic engineering works. Really well. They can make people that can survive in otherwise inhospitable environments through it.

In the project I’m revising I have several cops willing to go along with the concept that the brutal murders they have been investigating are magical in nature and the victims are now basically zombies.

My protagonist in the revision project got straight As while working two jobs and raising himself.


In my current Camp story, the MMC gets possessed by a demon simply by touching an ancient sword.

In my Nano series…well, the characters come back from the dead a lot. I’m pretty sure that, by the time the series actually ends, the only character that does not die and come back to life is the FMC.

Well, in terms of things I need to fix

-A four-hour journey happens instantaneously, for a piece of information, at least. Exactly once. This is a setting with horse and cart and no magical means of sending messages instantly. We’re still … fifty years off telegrams, by tech level. The time it takes information to travel is a plot point at other points in the story.

Really, I need an equally damning piece of info to go out the previous night, so the two events I need to happen simultaneously do, but I don’t like the obvious option and am procrastinating coming up with something better.

In terms of impossible or very unlikely I plan to do nothing about:

-One character gets handed back a prayer/worry stone that he left on an altar to the goddess of earth/order months before. It’s not quite impossible — they do get reused, but it is astonishingly unlikely for you to pick up the same one you left at a different time. But it’s planted at the end of the first act, comes back around in the bridge between the second and the third, and is perceived as a response of sorts. I’m keeping it.

Currently unable to come up with a third one?

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Demons and demonic possession are a big thing in the first story of the series I’ve been trying to write for forever. The fun part is that it’s a Pokemon fanfiction where that stuff just doesn’t exist in canon.

A devil performing an exorcism is also a thing that happens.

I can’t really think of a third thing…

In my draft I’m currently rereading, people keep appearing out of nowhere when it’s suddenly expedient to have them in a scene. And there is, of course, the MC who, in the course of a few months, becomes a master fighter (ha).

@Han-Akuma_Trill I love that that is happening in the Pokemon universe. And the devil performing an exorcism? Nice.


Hmm, well one person got creepy dreams about a evil bad guy who dies and then magically comes back to life. I think this is the third or forth time I’ve killed him and then had him pop up suddenly… Honestly I have no clue how he does it myself… Anyhow they aren’t dreams really they’re telepathic messages. Oh and on top of that they have this person who has ice powers but she has an evil split personality so they need to stop her from killing everyone. Also the bad guy who keeps coming back to life found their location so they had to run but they ended up in a cave with a sociopath… Does that count for ‘impossible’? I mean if I jump back a bit there is a whoooole bunch more of crazy stuff like that… But that would take way too long. Honestly I’m currently writing more than one book and there are plenty of weird stuff in all of them I’m sure.

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Some people would count this as an impossibility and I’ll say now it’s the only one I can think of that is in my epic. A man who is 40 years old when he arrived in a different galaxy than he started out has now seen 11500 years in the new galaxy and still appears to be only 40 years old. The explanation for it comes out later in the story but for now we’ll just say it should be impossible.