Some categories watched automatically

I’ve been zealously muting categories, sub-categories, and tags that I know I have no interest in, and have never had any categories watched. When a couple of threads from categories I want muted showed up in latest, I just figured I missed those categories–but when I went into the categories (Diversions & Procrastination and Out of the Box), both of those categories were set to watched. They also only show up in the dropdown, not on the main categories page (not sure if it’s related). They’re set to muted now, so problem solved, but possible glitch?

Is it possible that Discourse simply notices you went into those categories a lot (to mute threads and subs, presumably) and assumed you had an interest in the category, switching you to watching the category, in the same manner as when you spend a certain amount of time in a thread and it sets you to watching the thread?

Those particular categories are ones that I know I’ve never been in, since I navigated to the categories to mute them via the categories page, and they are missing from that page. But I wouldn’t have spent more than a few seconds in them even if I had–no longer than I needed to mute them. It’s possible that I’ve followed links from elsewhere into threads in those forums, but I don’t remember spending much time in any threads that might have been in them, and forums I tend to spend time in are not getting auto-watched in that manner.

The only category that we have set as auto-watch is the #official-stuff category.
You can set the categories you yourself are set to auto-watch in your settings:

My auto-watch category was definitely empty the last time I checked it before I noticed the auto-watching (I have #official-stuff set to watch first post, so it really is completely empty) and I didn’t add the categories to it. And I didn’t think you’d have it set to auto-watch games & procrastinations, so I thought it might be a glitch.

It could be. I’ve also fiddled with a LOT of settings over the past few weeks, so it’s entirely possible that it was set to auto-watch when you signed up, and I changed it, or I was in the middle of changing settings in a way that fiddled something at the moment you signed in!

An update: categories are showing up as watched when I go to the category page, but not in my settings. No idea what’s going on there, and it’s not really a high priority for me, but it’s an ongoing issue.

From my settings:

From the Shoutouts category page: