So what's the plan for the old site?

Lots of rumors that the old site is going to be wiped mid-August (so in about a week), and everybody’s buddy lists, NaNoMail, and such will be deleted.

Or maybe it’s just one rumor that’s grown legs, but I’ve seen it a few times in the past several days.

What’s the best way to respond to such fears?


I got an email yesterday that said pretty much that. That using the url will start going to the new site, nanomail and buddies won’t be kept but everything else will. It did say that the site itself will be archived at Would be good to have a specific date for it.


Nothing will be deleted. The old site will be archived, and accessible, but can’t be edited or added to. I’ll get a copy of the email you should have received and post it here (unless someone beats me to it).


The email was not remotely clear. It really looks like it’s taking about camp shutting down until you read it in depth so I’m sure a lot of non campers ignored it.

And I missed the archive note.

Yeah the email was really confusing. The website is being archived…so does that mean the current forums are shutting down? Because with how ambiguous the email was (and the fact it was from Camp and wasn’t even sent in a NaNoMail) I doubt most people on the other forums are even aware it’s officially closing? I am a little confused and think we’re going to need a little clarification before there’s mass confusion when the forums suddenly are archived and unable to be edited/commented on.


Yes, the old site is locking down. You won’t be able to post over there anymore. You’ll be able to access it all, but continued conversation will happen here.

Here’s the full text of the email:

Exciting news: we’re moving on to the next phase for the redesign of our website! NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo will both take place at starting in 2020. What does this mean for you?

  • Starting in mid-August 2019, and campnanowrimo.orgwill redirect to the redesigned version of the website at The redesign is still underway, so be sure to check back in September for the full launch!

If you need anything from the current version of the websites, you’ll be able to visit, or These archives will remain up indefinitely. In the meantime…

  • …We are preserving your important information on the redesigned site! Your username, bio, other profile details, and writing project history will transfer over seamlessly.

If you have a profile at and, we will default to your profile information in the merge. So, if you have different bios, profile pictures, or other details on each site, make sure the one you prefer is on

We’ll also add both your Camp writing projects and your NaNo-novels into your new unified profile for a complete history of your writing!

  • We won’t be saving Camper Messages, buddy relationships on either site, or NaNoMail. If you have messages you would like to save, or buddies you don’t want to lose track of, you can take screenshots, or copy and paste information now, or later from the archived sites!

We are still stamping out bugs and finalizing features, and we really appreciate your enthusiasm, patience, and support. We’ll continue to keep you updated!

Seeing if we can get some seven-league boots for this next stride,

Tim Kim
Program Director


Maybe it could a good idea to have a pop-up on the site (like the start of nano type pop-ups) a few days before the forum gets locked? To give a final warning. It’s harder to miss for the more harebrained ones amongst us. If that’s possible of course. Don’t know how much work setting that up is.


That’s a great suggestion! It’s not hard at all (and in fact, I can do it too.)


I think this needs to be announced in a less ambiguous way if possible. I was just asking around with my friends and none of them even knew anything was happening. Almost no one on the old site seems aware that things are shutting down. I only learned this was happening from this thread, because I almost never read the emails sent to my actual email (I usually scan them in my NaNoMail, instead, but the news wasn’t announced there). So if others didn’t open the email (which seems to be the majority of the case) then they won’t know anything is happening in advance. Besides which, it was said “The future of Camp NaNoWriMo”, giving the impression that it was camp news, rather than website news, unless you read the email very carefully.

I’m just wondering if there’s any way to announce this change on the actual NaNoWriMo website before it closes and people are confused about what’s happening? It seems like a lot of people just didn’t read the email. :slight_smile:


Yes, we’re going to do more than just the email. It’s going to be posted on the Facebook page, in the group, probably on twitter, and in the forums too.

There will still be people who miss it, though. Can’t make 'em read, only send the info and hope they do.


Thanks! That’s definitely reassuring. :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s going to be spread around better beforehand. :blue_heart:

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Might be useful at the very top of the FAQ to have something like

Where are my posts? My buddies? My NaNoMail?

With an explanation and links back to the archived sites.


We have plans for all of that. :slight_smile:


I’m now more certain I’m going to make an off-topic sticky in Plot Doctoring bidding farewell to the forum (cause now it’s #story-development!) not just for fun, but also as a signal boost.


(I usually read my email only in the morning unless I’m actively expecting something)
There’s yet not a whiff of the Regions???!!!
(or there is. A Whiff. But nothing resembling a forum)

So you’re killing off all the regional forums without a warning?

I have no idea where us Finns will migrate to, but I’m hoping we’ll find a way. Eventually, reaching at least some of our actives.

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Regions are coming. They’re the first priority that the dev team is working on as we speak. (With an aim to have them ready super soon.) They will likely live on the main half of the site, rather than here in the forums. Keep an eye on emails from Sarah for details on that. (There’s also a discussion in progress about this email in the ML Facebook group)

Please understand that the site is in active development. This isn’t the “this is all you get, have a nice day!” thing! This is the first phase in a very robust development and launch plan. I promise, MLs are NOT going to be left in the dust. In the mean time, I’m totally cool with you guys having refugee regional threads in #finding-your-crew so you can still actively coordinate until regions are ready.


This is all so exciting! :smile:


People who really need the regions (for language) do not find an obscure thread in “Finding your crew”.
I was expecting the local forums be somehow in place before migration.

Especially as plain learning to navigate here is not easy. I’ve been hanging here a lot, and I still have hard time finding things. Especially as forums and site seem to be oddly separated (and I wonder if there are now two ways to send private messages, one on forums, one on preview site (for buddies). Goosh. Not handy at all.


You may be able to send them a link directly into your temporary group chat?