[SITE WORK] Expect site funkiness today

Dev is working on the database today, which means that the forums may misbehave and be a bit wonky, so if you have intermittent issues that you haven’t before, it shouldn’t be necessary to report it. We’ll update you on when it’s over so you can resume normal activities. No reason you shouldn’t be able to continue using the forums, but expect a little weirdness.

Pardon the dust, mind the ladders, and always wear your hard hats on site!


Did some of it start last night? Cause I was getting a lot of phantom notifications late last night. Not the known notifications bug, the live “there are updates” banner was appearing but there were no updates.

Entirely possible. I was just notified about the work myself, but they’ve been super busy, so I think we can probably blame it on that.

Or the gremlins.

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The gremlins are a given. They are always around.



And there’s a nice little global notification for it. I like it! Any way to make that notification link to this thread (or to another relevant thread if something like this happens in the future?)

Huh. I think so, actually. It said something about html…

How about that. Yeah. You can. lol.

Nifty! Haven’t seen any site funkiness here yet but then again, I always miss the fun stuff.

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I know most people are like “I notice nothing” but I have been noticing weirdness. Particularly I’ve been clicking something like ‘new’ or ‘latest’ and getting shunted into a thread. At first I thought it was me clicking the wrong thing by accident, since it did happen in thread lists, but yeah. funkiness.

OMG! It isn’t just you! That has been happening to me too; specifically on my phone.

Yup. I’m getting it more on my phone, but I’ve gotten it a few times on my desktop.

And on the phone you think it’s just thick fingers or something :expressionless:

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Same here. No idea it was even an issue; I thought it was just me being clumsy on mobile.

And of course, the one thread it won’t recognize me having read…

The main wonkiness I’ve noticed is the difficulty to get in.

I already gave people advice to try to open a closed thread and then click the login button in the centre. When I tried to use that trick myself I was thrown into the down-page. Tried several routes waited a bit and finally got in by opening an open thread and trying to comment. Now I’m not sure if it was the first attempt that way…

Obviously the best idea is to try try try, then get some more coffee and try try try, seek for that hole in the fence.