Shoutout to script writers!

Anyone here ever written a script/musical? I’ve done two but the second didn’t come out well. Thought I’d start this thread since no one else has.

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Script yes, musical no.

I have a half competed script from camp last… July? Need to get back to that.

I wrote a Christmas musical for our church drama program to do with our two choirs a few years ago. It was really fun. Tried to do a slightly more mainstream musical and didn’t like how it came out so been working on it.

Scripts yes. Musicals…no. I enjoy them as a viewer, but I am not musically inclined to write one.

One of these days, I want to write a TV Pilot about the “Pack Mule Librarians”.

I’ve written several scripts for the now-retired Script Frenzy, and one of those was a musical parodying the tech industry and 80s songs. Funnily enough, despite my love of dialogue in novels, I’m terrible at scripts because writing out what you see is even more important.