Should I write a story or nonfiction?

hoo boy, a religious forum where we’re not supposed to debate anything… let’s see how this goes!
I am currently working on the very broad goal of “write something to explore my ideas about Atheist Spirituality”. Might be narrative, might not.
What do you see as the benefits/problems with exploring ideas in narrative form vs just stating them?

Which one’s tugging the hardest?

You’ll likely get more readers with a story. I mean, who wants to read yet another religious manifesto?

That’s a very good point- I’ve gotten positive feedback on the talks I’ve given and articles I’ve written, but the longer it gets, the more it will likely slide into boring territory.
The only problem is, I have so many ideas that are so far apart from one another, it’s hard to imagine one story touching on them all. Maybe I could make the story more of a glorified framing device, like, have a character that these thoughts occur to, and then other stuff happens to them, as well.

Or multiple characters whose framings play off of each other.

Another option would be connected short stories. Each one explores maybe a different aspect of your thoughts or a different interpretation, but they are connected either by a narrative thread or I guess at the very least by the overarching philosophy. That would give you a lot of latitude to not have everything directly connect in the straight line of a typical story, and it’s easier to read in smaller chunks, which is something that some people find necessary for info- or thought-dense material. There’s a lot of different aspects on atheism because it really depends on each individual person’s other philosophical, ethical, moral, and political views, which can get pretty complicated if you’re trying to cover multiple “schools” or representations.