September: WIPtember

All right, my fellow OAs. One month closer to NaNo. So I wanted to introduce something I wanted to do in September that someone on Twitter has started. For those not on Twitter, I feel like it will be all right to do it here. I’ll do both.

For anyone beginning to plan now, I think that will help! For those like me, who are in the middle of something now and have no idea what they are doing in November? Maybe it will help us shake out something more specific. Who knows!

For those who are joining, tag in whenever! For those who aren’t, just check in as normal. I’ll be around. :slight_smile:


This sounds like a fun idea! I’m going to wait for someone else to comment first so I know what I’m doing though. XD

Day One. (It might look weird, as I’m just pasting in what I put into Twitter. Of course you know who I am. :stuck_out_tongue: )

A. A. MacConnell here. I’m a fantasy addict with a penchant for character focuses. I live in the woods and have two puppies I hope will grow one day into dogs. I work in retail and likely will until I can get this writing thing off the ground to do it 24-7.


I write for children and am obsessed with dragons. I live in my dream home between railroad tracks and a river. I’m currently coaching a k-1 girls soccer team, I make little girl hair bows, and I LOVE electronic music!


Ahh I’m a day behind already! :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 1: Hey folks! I’m Elijah, or Eli for short. I’m a trans pan greyace guy going into my second year of studying English Literature at uni! Outside of writing, I’m a part time tutor and a music/musical fanboy trying to teach myself how to sing and how to draw. I’m also planning to take up the guitar and ukulele again, and I might try out the drums one day! But first of all, writing!

Day 2: I usually write quite light-hearted stuff, so this WIP is a journey and a half. This is a urban fantasy novel based around a revolution against a discriminatory system that places magic fluidity at a lesser level to previously set ‘magic schools’. In the middle of it all is a fifteen year old trans boy called Florian, who’s running away from his own past when he gets adopted into one of these ‘Novita’ communities, and helps in their stand against society. It’s very much based on the political atmosphere we’re all currently stuck in, as well as my experience with a now ex-friend of mine, who lived below the breadline in an area famous for criminal activity. Both really woke me up from my little bubble of existence, so this book is all about learning what lies beyond one’s own existence!


I will make myself a note to remember to check in on this! :slight_smile:

I’m having to go back to the drawing board on the murder mystery - I’ve started it three times, got up to 31K the final time but it’s ‘not right’ and I can’t figure out why so back to the beginning it is :imp:

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Day 3: Goal for September is literally just to finish the first draft, honestly. Since I only have a couple k left to go, my other goal will probably be to do general edits I know need to be done before I throw the manuscript out to beta readers…if i find beta readers that is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Argh, I did Day Two and forgot to put it on here! (Stupid work.)

I’m currently working on a sequel to Spear’s Sacrifice. It’s a story about a spearman haunted by the death of his lover, trying to protect two women as they try to get married, as a neighboring town is against the union of an unmarked and a Yigdu.

Day Three.


  • Finish third and fourth books in the series get second book polished (and covered!)
  • Ready myself to publish my first book of poetry (aaaa)
  • Prepare for my first Inktober
  • Prepare for more than just NaNoWriMo in November. :expressionless:

Day 4: Fortunately, I had a Pinterest board prepared for this exact situation! Unfortunately, it is a complete shames :stuck_out_tongue: Here it is though!

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Day Four.


Day 5.

Main character is Lebna, a spearman of the Lel’ult.
Archer. Calm. Mourning. Loyal. Friendly.

Darn it, forgot a day again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 5: My main character is the adorable mess Florian Brown! He’s the sort of person who could easily wreck you in a verbal smackdown if he wasn’t so socially anxious, soft and constantly crying, bless. Is quite reserved and on edge until you get to know him, when he turns into a reserved goofball who loves nothing more than being pulled into silly antics and roasting the hell out of his friends. There’s a big secret he’s hiding from the rest of the group, and it’s weighing on him more than he’d like to admit.

Day 6: Florian eventually makes friends with my other main characters!
Hestia: She’s an absolute firecracker; she’s the one who’s most likely to get everyone caught up in some wild escapade just because ‘she wanted to know what would happen’. Peak chaotic extrovert energy, and an absolute ray of sunshine. Is the one running an illegal potions business.

Tempe: If Hestia is the energetic crazy one, Tempe is the calm, logical one. Definitely the one you’d turn to in an emergency because she’d break it down into the accessible chunks and send you to go do one of them while she does the other five as she sips tea. If she’s not due out doing important things she loves flowy clothes (see: long skirts that give off the hippie vibe even more than Tempe does already), but if she’s on a medic call or something she’s throwing her hair into a bun, throwing some jeans on and getting ready to rock n roll.

Chase: a grumpy and sad bean who probably just needs a hug, but shudders at the thought of intimacy. He’s loyal, dedicated and a master strategist. Snarky grump, suspicious of anyone and everyone. Sort of person to carry a blade for self-defense, but start a fistfight without it because someone looked at them the wrong way. Does not like Florian until really later on, mainly because he won’t talk about pre-gang stuff and this puts Chase on the defense.

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Day 6.

The main friendship in the book is between Lebna and his spear-sister, Lulu. She is positive, active, enthusiastic, and extremely loyal. They also share a their darkest moment: having been tricked into participating in the Cleansing.

Falling behind, but that’s okay.

Day Seven.

The antagonist of the story is the same as it has been: overcoming previous prejudices. People aren’t inherently evil, but they can do evil things with preconceived notions.
Also, natural and unnatural weather phenomena. That’s also an antagonist, right?

Day Eight.

ChloeGarner, lyrianastarweaver, and Svoaree.

Day Nine.

I do like plot twists, but not when they are there just to be there. I like looking back and seeing all the clues and going “oh, yeah”.
This means I don’t know if my stories do this, because I know what’s going on. It is what it is.

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Can I join in late?

Day 1: I’m a tax analyst, and I love fantasy with a splash of romance in. Like you, I hope I can do this 24/7 someday, but my ultimate goal is to make something that inspires fan works. True success, for me, will be if there’s a community around my work.

Day 2: I’ve been working on The Mark of Choice for about six years now. Aspirant monk Azura breaks her vows to save the man she loves, and honor dictates she now become a slave. But when the woman she’s protecting risks the same fate, Azura must conceal her status in order to save her – if the choice is hers to make.

Day 3: Get words written, preferably work out where the story begins. (I’ve written like 10 different beginnings for this thing.)

Will post more later today!

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Day Ten!

Zodiacs? The stars are the ancestors in this story, and the constellations are different, but…

  • Adanech: The Watchful Mother
  • Talei: The Boar
  • Lebna: The Ten-Armed Tree
  • Lulu: The Archer
    (The last makes me laugh, as Lebna is the best archer of the group.)

Good choices! :smile:

Day Four:

That’s all I have time for today, but I’m getting caught up. :smile:


The more you reveal of this, the more and more I want to read it!

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So I was insanely busy and now I gotta catch up on six days worth. Let’s go :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Day 6: Florian is friends with Hestia and Tempe, and eventually Chase once he warms up to him! He’s a bit lonely beyond that, gods bless his heart
  • Day 7: Erm…does a corrupt society/police unit count as an antagonist? Run by my barely visible commissioner Bygrave, who is literally just a bigoted business man. Ew.
  • Day 8: I’m a sociable mess, but I don’t actually have many folks who are avid writers like myself! My two besties are my main writing buds- they’re both actually the people who got me properly into writing at the ripe age of 14, because I never clicked that I could actually do it in my spare time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Eden and Jo, I love you both to pieces!!!
  • Day 9: FINALLY A PLACE TO TALK ABOUT THIS. So my book is focused around this social revolution that’s occurring, and they’re about to finish preparations for this big march that i’ve been building up to for chapters when SUDDENLY THE POLICE STORM THEIR WAREHOUSE and start arresting people! And my baby Florian has to literally run but he’s caught by the police and turns out he’s this missing kid the reader’s seen him seeing and hiding posters about! Which the reader isn’t gonna suspect at all because the posters have got ‘pictures of a girl’ but it’s actually pre-transition Florian and I just adore it ty for letting me infodump about this!
  • Day 10: Oh jeez I actually have no clue, one second while I go work this out :stuck_out_tongue:
    • Florian: Gemini, with his June 3rd birthday
    • Hestia: Leo, so very very much Leo. 14th August, so really soon!
    • Tempe: Aquarius, she has the unfortunate luck of being born 14th February, which Hestia enjoys greatly
    • Chase: Aries, though he has a bit of a fight with the whole ‘wait, I’m supposed to be optimistic??’ part. April 19th, so technically on the border between Aries and Taurus.
  • Day 11 (finally!): I…don’t think I’ve ever read a book about writing! I usually save tumblr posts on pinterest about writing or research online? But I’ll get back to you if I find anything!