SepiaAndDust Theme

Well, I like the theme creator at Discourse. Looks like a headache, though, and I am certainly not installing Ruby and their CLI.

Played with it some. Theme looks like this:

Well… I wanted to take some screenshots, but now it won’t even let me preview my theme.

If anybody wants to take a swing at adding this one, knock yourself out. I’m done.

  "name": "SepiaAndDust",
  "component": false,
  "license_url": null,
  "about_url": null,
  "authors": null,
  "theme_version": null,
  "minimum_discourse_version": null,
  "maximum_discourse_version": null,
  "assets": {
  "color_schemes": {
    "New Color Scheme": {
      "primary": "e8e0d8",
      "secondary": "704010",
      "tertiary": "e9a765",
      "quaternary": "c27325",
      "header_background": "7f4f1f",
      "header_primary": "e8e0d8",
      "highlight": "efe8e0",
      "danger": "dacccc",
      "success": "e9f1e8",
      "love": "C7912f"
  "learn_more": ""

Ooh, is that how you post the themes? I made one but I wasn’t sure how to share it so I was about to give up.

You’re supposed to export it to GitHub. But GitHub’s not liking me either today.

Yeah, I tried to get it to work but I couldn’t…

You actually need to create a specially formatted .zip or .tar.gz file with the theme if it’s not in a git repo.

I did this for both this theme and yours already. I’ll add the link to yours in the correct thread in just a moment :slight_smile:

SepiaAndDust Packaged Theme

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Oh, okay. Coolio, thanks.

Thanks, Fridge!

No problem. I have to do that on a regular basis for some of the Discourse installs I host so I have a Perl script that automates the process :slight_smile:

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Yay, thanks thanks. Glad someone knows what they’re doing, lol.

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