Scribendi: Editing & Proofreading. Fast, Affordable, Professional

I’m thrilled to bring you this special offer from returning sponsor, Scribendi!


Hi, Wrimos!

Here at Scribendi we’re thrilled to be returning as NaNoWriMo sponsors. Many of us are writers (or aspiring writers), so the opportunity to help all of you achieve your writing goals this November is very exciting!

Who We Are

Scribendi is a company that provides fast, affordable, and professional editing and proofreading services for authors and writers of all kinds. We work with highly experienced editors—many of whom are published authors themselves—who have spent years helping authors like you improve their writing.

Our goal is always to help writers communicate their ideas more clearly and more effectively—not to change their ideas or alter the voices they’ve chosen for their work.

We also run a blog that offers tips and advice for writers. You may be interested in focusing on the Authors section, but there is valuable advice throughout if you’re trying to make your writing more forceful or effective.

What We’re Offering

You’re going to be working hard all month to hit your word counts, but getting the words written is just the first step. Once you’ve finished writing, you’re going to need to revise your first draft—and that’s where we can come in.

Whether you’d like a full line-by-line edit by a professional editor familiar with your genre, a lighter proofread, a manuscript critique with suggestions for improvement, or help creating a query package to promote your work to literary agents and publishers, all NaNoWriMo participants will get 10% off their orders.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, simply upload it through the quoting tool on our website to get a price based on your word count. Then, at checkout, enter your coupon code to get your 10% discount.

Whatever the next steps for your writing will be, working with a Scribendi editor will help ensure the version of your work that you put out into the world is the best version possible. And until then, if you have any questions about editing or revising your work, feel free to ask below—our editors are happy to share their points of view!

Good luck, Wrimos!