Scribbler: A Writer's Monthly Box Subscription

A few weeks ago I stumbled over Scribbler and I am in love. It is a monthly writer box! I just learned they have a facebook group too. With every box, they send you cool writer stuff like stickers, organizing pads, a little booklet focusing on one aspect of the writing process, an invite to an online meeting, and even a book. I signed up for a year cause I need writer stuff to show up every month.

Does anyone have any experience with this box? What do you think? I wish NaNoWriMo could offer a monthly box. I would subscribe to that too.


Looks interesting, but WOW that’s pricey! Nearly $50 a box? Nope. No way. I’m not made of money.


I’ve seen it, but the price made me decide against it. I have enjoyed other subscription boxes (like LootCrate --but lets not discuss their current debacle!), and maybe some day I’ll give them a shot. I’m not sure I’ve come across any that are similar, at a lower price point, but I’m sure one exists.


Ah hah! A quick google search took me a not-so-old Crate Joy list of boxes for Writers! And I lied before --I have also heard of SCRIBEDelivery. I believe it’s popped up in my “targeted ads” on Facebook.

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