Say Something Kind About the Excerpt Above You

Created by tinkerbinker last year, and I decided, why not copy over their excellent explanation? (Small amount of editing had to be done to adjust for the new forum format.)

For as long as I can remember on the NaNoWriMo boards, there’s been one thread that’s genuinely given me the motivation to keep going. Even when it feels like the writing is eating my soul–

That would be this. A thread based on providing genuinely kind words about a writer’s excerpt, and getting kind words in return for it. It’s for when you need a brief ’ pick me up ', when you feel like nothing is going right, and even for when you just need a break.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Person A creates the thread.

2.) Person B takes a look at the thread, reads the excerpt linked by Person A and says something kind. Links their own excerpt.

3.) Person C comes in, and takes a look at Person B’s excerpt. (As they were the last poster to say something kind!) They then, in turn, say something kind about the excerpt Person B wants looked at, link their excerpt.

4.) Person D, E, F, G and on into infinity continue the thread on, always replying to the last person who said something kind!

A couple of notes:

  • Please don’t post your excerpt in this thread! For some mobile users, this can really make the thread long and hard to scroll through. Instead, insert a link to your excerpt. HINT: You can post it to your NaNo profile and link to that!
  • Make sure that you’re noting who you’re writing the words for. A simple, ‘@(username here)’ should suffice.
  • Make sure your excerpt is a reasonable length. 1.5k is the realistic limit, but that is pushing it. 800-1,000 words is a comfortable length for a long excerpt. Shorter is better!
  • This is an all-ages coffeehouse so please, use your best judgement and don’t post explicit/mature content for review.
  • Always double-check that nobody posted between you and the person that you gave kind words to! If they did, please give them kind words, as well. We don’t want anybody accidently getting skipped.
  • If you do see someone getting skipped, please post something nice in a reply to them.
  • Try to avoid putting your excerpt-related replies in a direct reply to a post-- when people are skimming through the end of the thread, they might assume you’re just replying to the person and not talking about the excerpt.
  • Above all… be kind! We’re all in this together, and we’ll make it through NaNoWriMo with the help of threads just like this. Hopefully with our souls intact!

Here is a link to my excerpt!

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@Ohaeri: I quite enjoyed that excerpt - had to laugh when I reached the end! I could just hear the exasperation that both Azura and Coruscar were feeling with each other. I also admit that I like the misunderstanding that’s going on in that scene; that’s the kind of thing that has led me to enjoy SF, the mismatch between completely different cultures. :smile:

Here’s a link to my excerpt:

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