Rolldown Challenge

This is one of my favourite things to do when I have the entire day to myself. It can also be broken up over a couple of days if you need to do that. Breaks are important but it is up to you when you choose to take them. I heavily recommend breaks between the first few steps.

The idea is simple: Start with an hour, take a break, then write for 55 minutes, take a break, then 50 minutes. Each time you go to write, you are writing for 5 minutes less than the last time. It is a great day to spend an entire day and as you get towards the end and the writing time gets shorter and shorter it’s great to be able to do a bunch at once.

I usually note them in the following format.

Time 60 mins / Words :

Time 55 mins / Words:

Time 50 mins / Words:

Time 45 mins / Words:

Time 40 mins / Words:

Time 35 mins / Words:

Time 30 mins / Words:

Time 25 mins / Words:

Time 20 mins / Words:

Time 15 mins / Words:

Time 10 mins / Words:

Time 5 mins / Words:

Total Words:

And you’re done!


This sounds like a great way to get my writing boosted back again and definetly gonna try this on sunday when I have time.

This is a super interesting idea I might have to try it!