Rick Riordan

For anyone who is a fan of Rick Riordan and his books, whether it be the classic Percy Jackson books, or Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo, and more!

Me!!! So far, I’ve read PJO, HOO, and am halfway through the second ToA.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the books, but from what I can piece together from the internet it seems cool. Lol

They are!

What cabins are y’all in? I’m in Athena.

I’ve been told that I would be in Zeus. The online quizzes seem to think either that or Apollo. There’s quite a gap there. :joy:

LOL, that is a big difference! Well, which do YOU think you’re in?

I’m not sure. But I might rather Zeus considering Apollo’s reputation. :joy:

LOL, good choice. Yeah, Apollo is… (tries to think of the word) (fails)

I took an online quiz on Quotev and it said I was in Zeus.

I’m relatively new to the Percy Jackson series! I’m about to begin book three soon! :slight_smile:

I need to read the Percy Jackson books again. I read the first book and meant to continue (I literally have the whole series at home…) but never got around to it. I will, though!

I’ve read PJO, HOO, and Kane Chronicles. Currently on the Magnus Chase series then will be starting TOA. :grin:
I fully plan on reading all his books. I just adore his writing style.
I have no idea what cabin I would be in. I loved Ares as a kid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would be his kid.

I’ve read Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and the first book of Trials of Apollo, plus Percy’s take on Greek gods and Greek heroes (I read those out loud to my Latin classes).