Reference Desk rules and guidelines

Facts, figures, and personal experiences. Experience the Reference Desk with Subfora! Do woodpeckers get headaches? How far does a hot dog travel on a gas station roller How many butterflies would it take to make a pig fly?

You have a research question. Someone in here has an answer.

  • Only post questions here that actually belong. Worldbuilding, brainstorming, and characterization questions all have their own forums.

  • Be respectful of others. This means don’t call people names, don’t make fun of people’s questions or responses, and try to include a warning in your subject header if your post might contain explicit, profane, or triggering (e.g., cutting, suicide, PTSD) material.

  • Use descriptive subject headers for your posts. Good subject header: Adopting from third-world country? Poor subject header: I need help. We may update your title if it needs clarity.

  • It can also be helpful to put the main topic of your post as the first word of the subject line . If you do that, it will be easier for people to locate your post.

  • Just as important as having a good subject header is having lots of detail in your actual post. In particular, including location and/or a specific year (in both the subject header and the body of the post) can really help you get accurate information.

  • Search first! It’s possible (even probable) someone’s asked before. Discourse will even try to help you find similar threads when you create a new post, so check first before creating a new thread!

  • Do your research! We can help you, but it helps us if you know what questions to ask!

  • Don’t tell other people to google it! Yes, they can, but we’re here to help, and provide a jumping off point!