Random Questions

Do you have a question that you’re a little afraid to ask, but are a little too intimidated to start a whole new thread? Use this thread to ask any completely random, nano-related topic. No question is too banal. The veteran wrimos can swing by and drop an answer for you right in thread. Some examples:

Q. Is there a post limit on the forums?

A: Yes, learn about Trust Levels here! We do ask that you create a single thread in the most appropriate forum, rather than cross posting.

Q. I want to make all the friends!

A: That is not a question, but go for it!

Q. Should I run screaming in the other direction?

A: No, unless there is a bear chasing you. In which case run faster than your friend.

Ask all the burning questions in your mind!


Random question as it’s been lingering in my mind for a while

Q: Is it okay to still feel intimidated by the forums of a website you’re already familiar with? On the actual nano site, I’ve never posted other than the “Introduce yourself” type threads. On other sites, I don’t stick around for more than a week. Even here I’m struggling to post something as I find myself quite uninteresting. Maybe forums and communities don’t necessarily work for me, but honestly, I’d like to change that.


Of course that’s okay! It’s unfortunate considering it’s something you’d like to change, but of course it’s okay. I’d imagine it’s not too unusual, either.

Makes sense, too. NaNo is a big community, so if you’re not around a lot and/or naturally shy and reserved, it makes a lot of sense that you struggle to post a lot.

If you want to post more, maybe get yourself into a smaller sub-community. There are some threads on the main site that are just chat threads but with fewer people, so it might be less intimidating for you? Also, this new forum would be good cause there’s not as many people here yet. And remember you’re not uninteresting. Nobody is. No matter how uninteresting you think you are, you’ve always got something of value to add somewhere! :purple_heart:

Also, not everything you say has to be super “interesting”. As I said, there’s game chats and simple chat places where you can just chill out and talk to people :slight_smile: It’s fun!

I'll let you in a secret.

I still find the forums intimidating and I’ve been a ML since 2015, and moderator of the RP forum since I asked to help cleanup a huge spam run back in December of 2015 because the RP forum had no official moderator at the time besides Heather.

I’m actually a lot more active as far as posting goes on here. It’s a very different experience. :slight_smile:

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I have anxieties, especially social anxieties. Talking online is both easier and much much harder. Easier because I don’t have to do the face to face thing, harder because I have no body language cues to go on whether or not other people understand me, or want me to just stop talking.

I’ve been a mod and an ML for several years now and still to this day I often have to somewhat force myself to talk on the forums. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve just deleted a response or closed a thread I wanted to respond to, but just couldn’t. And certain sub forums I simple can’t be a part off. They are too busy or for other reasons make me too uncomfortable.

So I get it. Being active in any community is exhausting and takes effort. Sometimes that effort is just more than you have left. Other times it hits your uncomfortable button. The bigger the community the harder it can be.

You don’t have to feel obligated to use the forums if you don’t want to. But if you do want to be more social around here, then I agree with Elluna. Try to find smaller sub sections you like. Slower parts of the forum. Or even just one thread to start with. Talk about your favourite book/fandom/etc. Talk about what you’re going to be writing. Maybe find a general chat thread and talk about your day.

Either way always remember that you are just as much a part of this community as everyone else. You matter and your opinions and thoughts are just as interesting and valuable. If your head tells you no one cares what you think then remember that we do.


Places I’m new to intimidate me a bit. Step one is lurking to see what the unspoken rules are (also read the actual rules) and then just start posting inconsequential things. Add confirmations to others posts. On this site you can really ramble on and no one will stop you.

And just be prepared that someone will eventually get mad at something you post (and not the thing you’re expecting). They might complain about it and call you names but you really aren’t in trouble until Heather contacts you (and even then it’s that bad. Heather doesn’t bite. Much)


Thanks @Elluna_Hellen @Cinnamon_Fridge @Elyndra @Xander_Writes It’s relieving to know that you’re not alone in this. Thank you for all of your inputs. As someone who struggles with socializing whether it be in real life or on the internet, this has helped me massively. Hopefully I can change my ways and I’ll make a few good acquaintances along the way. Really, this was helpful. I was honestly afraid nobody was going to reply. :slight_smile:


I’ll have you know I only bite jerks. And I haven’t done that in a while. Okay, maybe on Facebook a little. And only when they’re being REALLY mean.

But yeah, even if I have to contact you privately, I’m never upset about it, and it’s usually a “just so you know” kinda thing. :slight_smile:

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I used to be terrified to join in on any conversation anywhere really. What if people didn’t like me, or if I embarrassed myself (like I always seem to in real life)? It sounds really sad, but, in the end, I had to tell myself that Susanna Marcello isn’t me, it’s just a name I chose. If those unrealistic fears that were keeping me from posting ended up coming true, I could leave or make a new profile and never have to deal with that shame again. As it turned out, all those fears ended up being nothing but smoke. Everyone here is so supportive! I have never even gotten a negative comment. I even found that now that I am being more outgoing online, it’s translating into real life. :slight_smile:


wow, hold up a minute - You managed to become more outgoing IRL by being more outgoing on the internet?

teach me? please? :smiley: :joy:


So, I’m having a little trouble finding the writing groups section on here. I see that there is a “group” button but it only has “moderators” in it. Help for the technologically challenged?

It’s a forum and it’s been renamed to “finding your crew”. The main forum is here https://forums.nanowrimo.org/c/finding-your-crew/none but it has several age related sub forums and some for university students, LGBT+ and Mess Hall.

The group function is something else, but I’m not entirely sure what that will be used for, if anything, other than mods.

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Okay, so if we wanted to create a group made out of the children’s writers from different cabins we would post a thread in the ya genre and call it “children’s writers cabins unite” or something like that? I’m so sorry, I’m terrible at this stuff.

That’s all right, these things can be a bit confusing at first. You’ll get the hang of it soon. And we don’t mind helping, that’s what this thread is for after all.

The YA genre forum is mainly for conversation about writing said genre. Giving advice, talking about topics concerning that genre. If you want to make a group to connect with your fellow campers that would be a better fit for finding your crew. That’s where groups go.


No, you’d post in #finding-your-crew - YA is for questions about writing the genre :slight_smile:


Yay I found this thread. I just stumbled upon this thread and noticed the “Summarize This Topic” button. It “shrinks” the thread down from 69 posts to 15 and I just wondered how does it choose to pick the replies? Number of likes? Number of direct replies?

Also, kinda nice to see that estimation of time needed for reading the thread.

It’s based on a formula involving the number of likes, direct replies, and how many times the link to a specific post is shared and clicked on from external locations.

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I want to start a teen group for poetry but I’m not sure where it should go. Help please!

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I think that would go in Finding Your Crew, but I don’t know if that’s locked or what not…